Mortal Kombat 11 Geras Guide – Moves List, BnB Combos, Strengths, Weaknesses, Fatalities, Brutalities

In this Mortal Kombat XI Geras Guide, you’ll learn about the complete moves list, strengths, and weaknesses of the character. Geras in MKXI is very flexible, makes sure of his rapid strikes, and inflicts serious damage. Moreover, our Geras Guide will also detail his entire moveset, BnB combos, Brutalities, and Fatalities. So without further ado, let’s learn how to play as Geras in MK11, starting with his strengths.

Mortal Kombat 11 Geras

When we talk about playing as Geras and his strengths, you may want to rely on his grappling techniques and using them to dish out some serious damage.

Geras in MKXI is a very offensive character and likes to charge the opponent. You should try to all in whenever an opportunity presents itself.

A few cool abilities that he possesses are pounding opponent with a sledgehammer and pulling players into quicksand where they’re stuck, giving him ample time to set up devastating combos.


When it comes to Geras’ weaknesses in MKXI, one thing that he lacks is aerial maneuvers against the opponent. Furthermore, Geras isn’t a beginner-friendly character.

Therefore, if you just started the game, you’ll probably need to spend some time before you get a hold of him.

Furthermore, his abilities like Quicksand and Hammer are potent but can be evaded by smart players. But then again, it holds true for almost every character in the game.

How to Play Geras

As mentioned earlier, Geras has some effective trap set-ups that he can use to pressurize enemy. Alternatively, you can also use them to distract your opponent and catch him/her off-guard.

Geras is an offensive character and likes to charge his opponents. His corner-combo potential is nothing to frown at and he can deal some ridiculous amount of damage if he manages to corner an opponent… this is something you need to aim for.


Attack Input
Phasing through Time (Anywhere) b, d, d + 3
Peeling Back (Close) d/f, b + 1


Attack Input
Pulled Apart u, u, u during hit. Last hit must come from Dangerous Chronology Kombo i.e. f + 2, 2, 1 + 3.
Sinking Feeling Must hit with 3 Quick Sands. Last hit must come from Quick Sand i.e. d/b + 1.

Basic Attacks

Attack Input
Straight Jab 1
Shoulder Charge f + 1
Knee Bash d + 1
Heavy Fist 2
Sledge Hammer b + 2
Body Buster f + 2
Rising Gauntlet d + 2
Straight Boot 3
Strong Step f + 3
Gauntlet Slam d + 3
Chrono Kick 4
Time Sweeper b + 4
Pounding Sand d + 4

Jumping Attacks

Attack Input
Quick Jab 1
Elbow Drop 2
Time Splash d + 2
Titan Toe 3 or 4

Hop Attacks

Attack Input
Timequake u + 1 or u + 2
Heavy Knee u + 3 or u + 4

Getup Attacks

Attack Input
Titan Charge u + 2
Sand Storm u + 3
Titan Charge u + 2
Sand Storm u + 3


Throw Input
Toward Throw b + L1 or b + 1 + 3
Back Throw L1 or 1 + 3
Forward Roll Escape f + L2
Away Roll Escape b + L2
(Air) Breakaway d + R2

Kombo Attacks

Attack Input
Without Beginning 1, 1
Without End 1, 1, 1
Out of Time 1, 1, 1, 1 + 3
External Hate f + 1, 1 + 3
Xuid & Guid f + 1, 1 + 3, 4
Time Immemorial 2, 4
The Undying 2, 4, 1
Timeless b + 2, 2
The Deathless Giant f + 2, 1
Matter of Time f + 2, 1, 2
Sand Blaster f + 2, 2
Dangerous Chronology f + 2, 2, 1 + 3
Ripple in Time f + 3, 2

Special Moves

Attack Input
Temporal Advantage b, f + 1
Sand Trap d/b, 1
Close Sand Trap d/b + 1, b
Far Sand Trap d/b + 1, f
Very Far Sand Trap d/b + 1, u
Titan Tackle b, f + 2
Big Fist d/b + 2

Fatal Blow

  • Stasis Assault: L2 + R2

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