Mortal Kombat 11 Frost Guide – Moves List, BnB Combos, Strengths, Weaknesses, Fatalities, Brutalities

Frost in Mortal Kombat 11 is one of the best ‘keep away’ character, thanks to her far-reaching Normal(s) and high-damage Special(s). However, before we begin, do note that in order to play as Frost, you need to unlock her first. You can check out our Character Unlocks Guide by heading over to the link and learn everything you need to know about unlocking her.

Mortal Kombat 11 Frost

Once you’ve unlocked her, the first thing that you’ll notice is how similar she plays to Sub-Zero, and we’re talking about more than using ice-based attacks.

Unlike our other character guides like Scorpion, Jade, etc. in our MKXI Frost Guide, we’ve tried to discuss each Normal, Special, and Kombo alongside some tips to help you play her efficiently. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Basic Attacks

Attack Input
Chin Breaker B
Polar Pound b + B
Serrated d + B
Strong Step b + A
Headbutt b + X
Frigid Palm d + X
Icy Maul b + Y
Frosty Burst X
Auger Spin Y
Chill Toe A or B
Chest Cold d + A
Core Burst u + Y
Ice Spike u + A
Cold Punch X
Arctic Strike Y
Blade Lunge f + Y
Frosted Uppercut d + Y
Hinged Kick A
Auger Slam: Overhead Move u + X/Y
Nano Strike: Overhead Move u + A/B
Toward Throw: Throw b + LB
Back Throw: Throw LB or X + A
Forward Roll Escape f + LT
Away Roll Escape b + LT
(Air) Breakaway d + RT

Frost Kombo Attacks

Attack Input Tips
Icy Tomb A, B, B N/A
No Humility Y, Y, A Keeps the opponent closer while attacking and is trickier to block.
Seeking Control X, A N/A
Blood Sweat and Circuits X, Y, A Knock the opponent far away so you can attack before he recovers and gets up.
Freezer Burn b + X, Y N/A
Blizzard b + X, Y, X Damages the opponent and attack is safe on block.
Power-Hunger Kunoichi Y, Y N/A
One True Warrioress Y, Y, B N/A
Ice-Olated B, A N/A
Winter Winds b + Y, Y N/A
Out Cold: Overhead Move b + Y, Y, X, X Longer range with Krushing Blow on counterattack.
Freezing Point: Overhead Move A, B, B, Y High damage and has a high range hence you have to be closer to hit the opponent.
Avalanche: Overhead Move b + A, Y N/A
Reborn: Overhead Move b + A, Y, d + X N/A
Frozen in Time: Overhead Move X, A, B The opponent is knocked down closer to you so you have to be prepared with your second attack as soon as he gets up.

Frost Special Moves

Attack Input Tips
Blade Spin d/f + Y, RB The attack is safe on block. It is a high attack and the blade will spin multiple times, slitting the enemy.
Kryo Stance b, f + A, RB Shoots with two attacks and at enhancement, it will shoot four more attacks that will go to the Mid as well, in case your opponent ducks.
Cyber-Head d/b + A For corner kombos.
Terminal Burrowing LT + RT This fatal blow will do Kritical Damage to the opponent by freezing him and them attacking him with the ice blades.


Fatalities Input
Ice Sculpture f, b, d + X
The Cyber Initiative b, f, d, f + B


Attack Input Tips
Ice Auger b, f + X Shoots projectile at the Mid part of the opponent while drilling into them.
Burrowing Auger d/b + X N/A
Cryogenic Crown d/b + Y Hits at the mid and freezes the opponent and you can attack him as soon as he unfreezes.
Core Trap d/b + Y You can trap the opponent inside ice while they will be taking damage the whole time.
Core Overload d, d + A N/A
Auger Lunge b, f + B Does some pretty good damage to the opponent by drilling into them while carrying them around.
Arctic Barrage b, f + B An overhead attack kombo. It will be a little slower but it attacks low when it ends.
(Air) Icequake b, f + B An air attack that can also be released after hitting the opponent with a jumping attack.
Glacier Calving d, d + Y A shield that can also move towards the opponent.
Microburst d/b + B Best if you are using it as a corner Kombo.