Mortal Kombat 11 D’Vorah Guide – Moves List, BnB Combos, Strengths, Weaknesses, Fatalities, Brutalities

In this Mortal Kombat XI D’Vorah Guide, you’ll learn about arguably the creepiest character in the game. But don’t let that fool you, as D’Vorah brings some deadly mix-ups and combo potential to the game. So without further ado, let’s learn how to play D’Vorah in Mortal Kombat 11.

Mortal Kombat 11 D’Vorah

Let’s talk about D’Vorah’s strengths first. If you talk about speed and agility, D’Vorah has some real quick moves and combos.

Her insane speed can be used to pressurize the opponent. Relentless aggression is something you need to rely on when you’re playing as her.

In addition to this, the Insect Queen also relies on the effective use of her Trap. She likes to use booby traps during the engagements. However, the most lethal ability of hers is Teleportation through which she can stun enemy and attack from behind.

She can also fire a projectile of bugs that also distract and damage the enemy while D’Vorah can finish the work with a brutal combo. All in all, you’ve got a lot of combo potential when playing as D’Vorah in MKXI.


No character in Mortal Kombat 11 is without weaknesses and D’Vorah is also one of them. While she’s fast, has insects, claws, traps, and transportation abilities, she doesn’t deal a whole lot of damage as opposed to some of the other characters.

You cannot let her rely on her speed alone and make sure to seize every opportunity to punish her for mindless aggression. If you’re against an opponent who’s good at defense and stalling, you’ll definitely have a hard time as D’Vorah.

How to Play D’Vorah

D’Vorah’s projectiles and insect attacks are the perfect distraction. While the enemy is distracted, you can land in some quick combos and continue to rack up your damage.

Flipping Out is a good move to utilize when your opponent is distracted. You should also try to summon bugs to attack the enemy in order to keep up the pressure game and forcing enemies into making a mistake.


The Klassic
The last hit must come from an uppercut i.e. d + 2.

Buggin’ Out
The last hit must come from Toward Throw i.e. f + L1.

Basic Attacks

Attack Input
Pupa Poke 1
Low Sting d + 1
Bug Bash f + 1
Bludgeoned 2
Killer Strike f + 2
Swatted d + 2
Larva Tarsus 3
Ovi Posi Poke b + 3
Low Tarsus Strike d + 3
Cocoon Kick 4
Spinning Web b + 4
Brood Slam f + 4
Slight Sting d + 4

Jumping Attacks

Attack Input
Deadly Sting 1
Poisonous Touch 2
Beetle Kick 3 or 4

Hop Attacks

Attack Input
Piercing Ovipositors u + 1 or u + 2
Hardened Heel u + 3 or u + 4

Getup Attacks

Attack Input
Swarm Burst u + 2
Quick Strike u + 3

Flawless Block Attacks

  • u + 2
  • u + 3


Throw Input
Toward Throw b + L1 or b + 1 + 3
Back Throw L1 or 1 + 3
Forward Roll Escape f + L2
Away Roll Escape b + L2
(Air) Breakaway d + R2

Kombo Attacks

Attack Input
Yellow Jacket 1, 2
Black Widow 1, 2, 1
Bot Fly f + 1, 3
Assassin Bug 2, 1
Wandering Spider 2, 1, 2, 2, 2
Siafu f + 2, 2
Bugging Out f + 2, 2, 4
Killer Bee b + 3, 4
Lonomia 4, 4


  • New Species (Close): b, f, b + 3
  • Can’t Die (Mid): N/A

Special Moves

Attack Input
Fireflies b, f + 1
Ground Swarm b, d + 1
Close Ground Swarm d/b + 1, b
Far Ground Swarm d/b + 1, f
Very Far Ground Swarm d/b + 1, u
Infested d/f + 2
Swarm b, f + 4
Katipo Rush d/b + 4

Fatal Blow

  • Buggin’ Out: L2 + R2

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