Mortal Kombat 11 Cassie Cage Guide – Moves List, BnB Combos, Strengths, Weaknesses, Fatalities, Brutalities

Cassie Cage, the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, is back in MK11 and is better than ever! She was a pretty big part of the previous game and comes with a variety of abilities that give her incredible versatility. This handy Cassie Cage Character Guide for Mortal Kombat 11 will list down all her strengths, weaknesses, and abilities so that if you want, you can easily main her.

Mortal Kombat 11 Cassie Cage

Due to her simple but powerfully versatile moveset, Cassie is great at any range. Distance allows her to use her projectiles and she can easily close that distance with her Shadow Kick.

Her strongest asset is her speed that can be used to decimate her opponents before they know what hit them. She also has a little drone that is very fast and can zone out the enemy.


Despite her speed, she’s not one of the strongest characters in terms of pure crushing physical strength. Her Krushing Blows are probably her most powerful attacks but they can only be used once per match.

Using her robot buddy leaves her vulnerable for attack and she doesn’t have the most interesting combo set.

Basic Attacks

Attack Input
Justice Jab 1: safe on block
Low Shot B+1: safe on block
Straight Punch D+1: unsafe on block
Quick Hook 2: unsafe on block
Throwin’ Bows B+2: unsafe on block
Backhand F+2
Bloody Knuckles D+2: unsafe on block
High Kick 3: safe on block
Glow Burst B+3: unsafe on block
Spin Kick F+3: unsafe on block
Side Kick D+3
Roundhouse 4: safe on block
Cunning Sweep B+4: unsafe on block
Flick Kick F+4: safe on block
Steel Toe D+4: unsafe on block

Jumping Attacks

Attack Input
Cage Jab 1: unsafe on block
Double Axe Handle 2: unsafe on block
Army Boot 3 or 4: unsafe on block

Hop Attacks

Attack Input
Dive Bomb u + 1 or u + 2: unsafe on block
Kombat Kick u + 3 or u + 4: unsafe on block

Getup Attacks

Attack Input
Flip Kick u + 2: unsafe on block
Nut Punch Invulnerable u + 3: unsafe on block

Flawless Block Attacks

Can only be performed after connecting a Flawless Block.

Attack Input
Flip Kick u + 2: unsafe on block
Nut Punch u + 3: unsafe on block


Attack Input
Toward Throw b + L1 or b + 1 + 3
Back Throw L1 or 1 + 3
Roll Escapes – Uses 1 Bar of Defensive Meter to Perform
Forward Roll Escape f + L2
Away Roll Escape b + L2
Air Escape – Uses 2 Bars of Defensive Meter to Perform
Air Breakaway d + R2

Kombo Attacks

Kombo Input
Double Down 1, 1: unsafe on block
Whip It Good 1, 1, 1: unsafe on block
Belly Buster 1, 2: safe on hit
Active Duty 1, 2, 4: unsafe on block
Hot Take b + 1, 3: unsafe on block
Hooks And Hammers 2, 1: unsafe on block
Assaulted 2, 1, 1, 2: unsafe on block
The Rushdown 2, 1, d + 2: unsafe on block
No Breaks b + 2, 4: unsafe on block
Keepin’ It Classy b + 2, 4: unsafe on block
Shocker f + 2, 1 + 3: safe on block
Marching Orders 3, 4: unsafe on block
Military Dance f + 3, 4: unsafe on block
Heavy Hitter f + 3, 4, 3: unsafe on block
Poppin’ Bubbles f + 4, 1: safe on hit
One in the Chamber f + 4, 1, 2: safe on hit

Special Moves

Move Name Input
Dual Wielding b, f + 1: unsafe on block
Air Bullet Barrage →, ← + 1
BLB Bullet Ricochet ↓, ← + 1
BLB Close Ricochet ↓, ← + 1, ←
BLB Far Ricochet ↓, ← + 1, →
Kneecappin’ ↓, → + 1
Flying Glow Kick ←, → + 3
Flippin’ Out ↓, → + 3
Shoulder Charge ←, → + 2
Control BLB-118 ↓, → + 1
Air BLB Advance ↓, ↗
Bitchin’ Bubble ↓, ← + 4
BLB Bullet Ricochet ↓, ← + 1
BLB Energy Bounce ↓, ← + 4
BLB Energy Burst ↓, ← + 1
Ball Buster b, d + 3: unsafe on block
Up Glow Kick b, f + 4: unsafe on block

Fatal Blow

Attack Input
Pissed AF L2 + R2: unsafe on block


The best way to play as Cassie is to make use of her speed to incapacitate her opponents. She’s good with any range but if the opponent can throw projectiles then close the distance with the use of her Shadow Kick.