More Unannounced Exclusives Heading To The Xbox One, Teases Microsoft

Microsoft is already set up with a pretty solid lineup on the Xbox One to end the year with, but it seems that the company still has a lot of hidden aces up its sleeve.

This year, the Xbox One is getting the highly anticipated release of Halo 5: Guardians. There’s the release of the much talked about Fable Legends, yet another smashing installment in the shape of Forza Motorsport 6, and less we forget, Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is still swimming in vague waters about its exclusivity but nonetheless will be releasing first on the Xbox.

In a recent interview with Gamer2Gamer Evolved, Xbox’s social marketing manager, Graeme Boyd, teased that the company still has a lot of exclusives heading to the Xbox One. His statement clarified that this does not include the first-party titles already announced for the console.

“But the most exciting thing for me is that Halo 5 is just one exclusive Xbox One title still to come. We’ve also got Forza 6 on the horizon, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, and lots more to come – and don’t forget that Xbox One is the only place you can play the new Tomb Raider this year. That – plus all the big third-party titles – means it’s a brilliant time to be an Xbox gamer,” he said.

With E3 2015 around the corner, we expect Microsoft to announce some new names to please the masses. The company has already been teasing us about its dedicated approach to games in their E3 press conference this year. It’ll be interesting to see what else the company is cooking up for its latest console.

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