More Konami Switch Games May Be Coming Soon, Spanish Twitter Hints

Despite how it’s one of the most hated video game publishers on the planet, Konami has done a great deal of work in making good games to put on the market. They’ve recently gotten people excited again for the prospect of more Konami Switch games, following hints on their Spanish Twitter account.

Konami did make an appearance in Nintendo’s most recent Indie Showcase, announcing that it was working with developer GuruGuru in order to bring GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon to the Switch. New trademarks related to Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania have also gotten people talking.

While Castlevania has remained on people’s minds due to its critically acclaimed animated Netflix series (the final season of which will be coming next month), Metal Gear hasn’t really had any activity since Metal Gear Survive came out in 2018. Metal Gear Rising was also a niche title, making its inclusion all the more puzzling among possible Konami Switch games.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance came out in 2013, and was developed by Platinum Games to bring some of the focus back to Raiden, who first appeared in Metal Gear Solid 2. The game has appeared on the PC in the past few years, but a Switch port would be interesting, especially since Platinum’s main major series Bayonetta has also been ported to the console.

Konami’s apparent interest in a return to console gaming is also a puzzling factor. The company has mainly stuck to arcade gaming with things like Pachinko machines for the past several years, and its last foray into video games, Contra: Rogue Corps, got bad reviews.

So whatever this new tease about Konami Switch games is, we’ll hopefully be seeing it in future gaming presentations, whether it’s Nintendo or some other company. If new games do turn out to be coming or getting remastered, hopefully it will be classic ones that people have been missing since Konami’s departure from video games.