More Details on the Battlefield V App and In-game Changes Revealed

Battlefield V has been recently released to the early access members. The first person widescale arena shooter continues to promise updates and features to come. Firestorm’s addition as a battle royale mode being one good example. The Battlefield V app is the next one to be added alongside a bunch of other fixes, additions, and polishes.

Besides the rumors and speculations of what the Battlefield V app may have in store for us, Erik Ortman, Lead engagement designer of Battlefield V, tweeted out a teaser of sorts to what to expect from the game in the near future. The teaser itself included a point about a companion Battlefield V app coming to devices in the future. It could be to track player progress or work as a hub for Battlefield V players. That’s yet to be seen.

In a further string of tweets, he also specifically detailed what to expect for the game in the near future. Here’s what he had to say regarding most of the changes.

The level cap of the game which is currently set at 50 will be changed in a new chapter supposedly. Along with being increased beyond the cap itself, the levelling will also work a bit differently, Erik added in a slightly cryptic tone. So feel free to speculate.

An easier interface for the game’s extensive customization is also planned. DICE has owed a large chunk of its promotion of the game to the stress on how diverse the customization is. With players being able to edit, self insert and personalize in any way that they want. The updates Erik has planned hope to make accessing the Battlefield V customization easier than it is. As well as improving navigation within it

A mention to Specializations. Which specifically was that players will now be able to tamper with them wherever and whenever they choose. Could this be a direct reference to the Battlefield V App that’s set to come out? Most likely

Special assignment management in game is something the studio wants to add to Battelfield V in the future, a date for said update is unconfirmed however until further notice.

Smaller side notes on how there will be bug fixes and other feature polishes in game. Such as an objective disappearing during the prompt of a critical message. As well as managing your loadouts on two different sides of the conflict in game.

What could the Battlefield V app hold in store for us, however? Considering we do have an app for Red Dead Redemption 2, or Destiny, how much would this app either differ or relate to them?

Similarities may not be had with the Redemption 2 app, seeing as how the latter is a single player game whereas Battlefield V is multiplayer. Hence we’ll look at the similarities it could share with other multiplayer titles. Destiny may relate the most due to how both games are massively multiplayer.

Players have a lot to showcase with how the games emphasize their customization options. People that add each other in these games will also now have a social hub to communicate on without having to outreach each other through different forms of media.

Either way, DICE continues to update and add to their newest multiplayer title. They intend to fulfill their vision of the game and stay in the market of FPS shooter games alongside giants like Black Ops 4 and Overwatch. Hopefully, the Battlefield V app adds to the experience rather than being a disposable asset of the experience.

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