More Destiny 2 Bans Strike PC Players, and They’re Upset Again

It appears that more Destiny 2 bans have struck PC gamers after a similar incident happened a short time ago. The bans, which are connected to the use of any foreign software while playing the game, once again have PC players up in arms over a perceived lack of action.

After that became widespread news Bungie quickly began to overturn the bans of players who they felt were wrongfully kicked from the game, and pledged to adjust the algorithm of the software that determined whether a player would be banned or not. This appears to have not worked quite right, and now PC players are once again suffering Destiny 2 bans.

While the Destiny 2 banning system was apparently originally implemented on the PC to prevent players from bringing in foreign software that would allow them to cheat in the Crucible or other areas of multiplayer, whatever software determines how harmful third-party stuff is to the game is apparently flagging every sort of program.

This includes things like recording software like OBS, simple overlays to go around gameplay footage, or other harmless third-party software that doesn’t deserve a banning, instead of things like aimbots, lag switches, DDOS software, and other stuff.

It doesn’t even have to be software that’s running at the same time as the game. At least one player is a software programmer who requires programs like a kernel debugger for work, which he believes got him flagged despite the fact that it’s not something that could even be used to cheat.

While all of these complaints about the Destiny 2 bans should be taken with a grain of salt (Bungie has checked a lot of the complaints that cheating software wasn’t being used, and has found that such software was being used), as many cheaters aren’t likely to admit they cheated, hopefully Bungie can fine-tune the banning system some more to prevent incidents.


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