More Dark Souls 3 Multiplayer Information Shared

We have some more Dark Souls 3 information for you guys today, that sheds some light on Dark Souls 3 multiplayer. According to these details, players will be able to play competitively with each other. You can use Red Orbs (as revealed before) to invade other player’s’ worlds and play against them.

After you use the Red Orb, the game will invade the world of the selected host. The invader and host will play in the host’s world.

If you successfully complete your invasion and defeat the host, you will receive rewards and will be sent back to your own world. If you fail, the host will enter a boss room or can use any of the return items. Meanwhile, you will be sent back to your own world.

If the world you wish to invade is in a multiplayer state, you cannot invade that world. Up to two players are allowed to invade a world, they can treat each other as enemies and can cause HP damage.

If you wish to summon another player to your world, you must use an Ember to receive the power of Lord Cinder. This will turn you into the host. When in Lord Cinder Mode, your pearance will alter and you’ll have the following effects:

  • Maximum HP boosted 1.4x
  • Able to summon other players via soul sign
  • Icons next to gauges change

Dark Souls 3 will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2016.

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