Mordhau Throwing Weapons Guide – Alternate Grip, How to Throw Weapons

Mordhau allows you to throw weapons in the game… and it tends to work well. Moreover, it’s easier than you think. But before we begin, do note that only a few weapons in Mordhau can be thrown. In this Mordhau Throwing Weapon Guide, you’ll learn about throwing different types of weapons and using this combat tactic effectively.

Mordhau Throwing Weapons

The first thing that you need to learn is that Weapon Grip is an important aspect of the game. Weapon Grip determines how the player will hold a certain weapon.

Weapon Grips in Mordhau help make the weapon more effective and stable. In different areas, you can find different types of Weapon Grips.

Weapons containing grips cannot be thrown. Two-handed Weapons like swords cannot be thrown. Single-handed Weapons with Alternate Grip such as knives provide you the ability to toss them at enemies and, therefore, killing them.

In order to throw weapons in Mordhau, you’ll first have to face and aim towards your target. After you’ve locked on the target, pressing “R” will release whatever weapon your holding and, in no time, it will hit the enemy.

However, some enemies require two weapon throws to die. Moreover, you can carry up to 15 daggers in your 3 slots, allowing you to eliminate upto 7-8 enemies. These throw kills require a perfect combination of skill and timing.

The good thing is that after killing an enemy with a throw kill, you can later pick the thrown weapon from the ground and keep your inventory potentially unlimited.

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