Mordhau Horde Mode Guide – High Round Strategy, Tips

Horde Mode in Mordhau is essentially taking on waves of enemies in co-op mode. Each wave features varying types of enemies with every subsequent wave being tougher than the last one. In this Mordhau Horde Mode Guide, you’ll learn everything about these waves, dealing with them, and tips to reach high rounds.

Mordhau Horde Mode

As mentioned earlier, in Horde Mode, you’re required to deal with different types of enemies in waves.

Once you defeat a wave of enemies, you’ll earn coins which can be used for upgrades. Upgrades are important because, after some time, you’ll realize that the enemy is getting tougher.

You also get your HP back upon defeating a wave. You’ll also respawn at the start of a new round if you die during the combat.

Horde Mode Tips

As mentioned above, the enemies tend to get more aggressive with each wave. Therefore, the first few rounds are vital for coin farming.

Try and not die and kill as many enemies as you can to earn more coins. Try to learn patterns of enemy attacks to develop strategies.

Act smart, don’t get over-aggressive, and stick with your team. Communication is the key to winning a match. Therefore, assist and cover your teammates and expect the same from them.

Save coins and purchase long-range weapons. Long-range weapons are important, as engaging enemies in close-quarter is difficult.

Get those long-range weapons and land headshots. Long-range weapons also tend to inflict more damage than normal conventional weapons.

Once you’ve firepower, try to locate a vantage point e.g. a tower with a ladder. Enemies can’t climb ladders, making them a perfect point for you and your team. If you’re low on ammo, climb down, purchase, camp on the towers again.

After you’ve got the firepower and vantage point, you should invest your coins into equipment which will help you survive during late game enemy attacks e.g. good armor as well as healing items.

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