Mordhau Game Modes Guide – Horde, Deathmatch, Skirmish, Frontline, BR

The spiritual successor of Age of Chivalry and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is here and there’s a lot of fun to be had with Mordhau. Apart from its singleplayer modes, there’s much variety in the multiplayer modes as well that we’ll be discussing in our Mordhau Game Modes Guide below.

Mordhau Game Modes

Boasting a total of five multiplayer modes, players can choose to work solo or team up to achieve victory.

Each mode has different rules to abide by and requirements to be fulfilled for victory. Lastly, some modes may require a different mindset or playstyles of going about them thanks to the nature of the conflict.

For example, the Battle Royale mode, being a test of survival, will prompt you to move more cautiously instead of rushing for kills like in a team deathmatch.


This is the only one of the five modes that let you fight against AI opponents instead of real players. Think of it as a zombie mode from the Call of Duty games, since in essence, it’s basically that.

You’ve to survive waves of enemies, all the while spending points to acquire new weapons and armor. You can team up with your friends for a good co-op experience since surviving these hordes of enemies won’t be easy as the session goes on.

Primarily, this mode acts as a way to polish your existing methods and learning new attack patterns by observing the CPU enemies.


We’re sure you’ve heard this type of mode in previous team-based multiplayer games, thanks to the popularity of the concept. At its core, the classic mode’s all about combat and getting kills.

There’re two variations here i.e. to play in the Free-For-All Mode or Team Deathmatch. Both share the same objective that is to garner as many points as you or your team can till the timer of that particular round runs out.

There are no limitations or restrictions when it comes to respawn, just a short cooldown time for it. As long as you’re alive you continue to fight, and when you’re dead, you’re given a second chance almost instantaneously.

This is one of the more popular modes and you’ll come across many experienced players in Deathmatch. Your best bet is to put your foot on the offensive pedal and drive your team to victory.


Slightly different from Deathmatch, the Skirmish mode won’t allow you or any of your teammates to respawn after death.

Not at least until the end of the round. Which is the good news, since there are multiple rounds, usually best of three, to decide the victorious side.

This time around, a slow-paced approach is encouraged because there are no second chances for the duration of the round. Patience is key in such a mode and sticking close to the team will yield the best results.

Remember, you can either rush in for getting rid of the enemy combatants first or stick together and ensure the survival of each other in order to bait and force your foes into making a rushed decision.


This mode puts emphasis on certain mini-quests or objectives for a breath of fresh air from the usual “kill, die, rinse and repeat” cycle.

These tasks involve capturing a certain area and defending it against the opposition or pushing a cart to destroy enemy equipment. If you reckon a bit variety of balancing action and strategic play, then this mode would be rather fitting for you.

To delve into the details of the mode, this is a 64 player mode. Each side spawns at their base and should make their way to capture the first flag.

In total, a total of three flags are to be captured and two objectives to be completed which involve the destruction of the enemy camp. This grants you victory for the round.

The progression of these objectives are linear but the maps are designed to entertain different approaches to the tasks.

Since you’ll need to ensure you can contest a flag and hold onto it after you’ve captured it, a strong defense is necessary. Fortifications can be set up near the capture zones.

To be more efficient, a blacksmith’s hammer along with the smithing perk will really help. As a result, you’ll also be able to build barricades, spikes, and ballista via the toolbox.

Battle Royale

Finally, it wouldn’t be doing the millennial justice if there wasn’t a battle royale mode to a multiplayer game that’s launched in 2019. Again, this is a mode you wouldn’t need much explanation for as you’d be quite familiar by now.

The rules are similar to other battle royale games where 64 players spawn at random spots on the map without any weapons, and have to move strategically to gather weapons and gear (from chests), and stay clear of multiple enemies.

As iconic to any battle royale mode, the fight becomes difficult towards the end as your mobility options are limited. This is because the fewer the number of players remain, the smaller the area becomes in which you can operate.

Prepare yourself accordingly and embrace your opponents tactically.

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