Mordhau Chamber Guide – How to Chamber Perfectly

Chamber-ing is one of the best technique that everyone should try to master in Mordhau. For the uninitiated, chambering in Mordhau is a defensive combat mechanic that’s akin to parrying. However, unlike parrying, chambering requires a whole lot of finesse and is difficult to master. On the flip side, learning it is highly rewarding. In this Mordhau Chamber Guide, we’ll learn everything about chambering.

Mordhau Chamber

Chamber-ing is basically copying your enemy’s sword strike pattern before it strikes. The purpose of this technique is to counter enemy strikes, after which you can launch a counter-attack of your own.

Players in Mordhau usually strike with a barrage of hits. Chamber is very useful in such situations when the opposing players rely on relentless aggression.

How to Chamber?

In order to chamber, you’ll have to read the enemies’ attack pattern along with his angle of attack.

What you need to do is to essentially mirror an enemy’s attack. If you see an opponent attacking from the upper-right angle, you need to chamber from the upper-right corner as well.

It’s important to note that the angle/direction doesn’t matter when it comes to the stabbing.

Do note that these types of moves require strict. If the timing is perfect, you’ll be able to counter the attack, stunning your enemy, and leaving him vulnerable. Once done, you should have all the liberty to get in and finish him/her off.

You need to make sure that you’re not blocking too soon or too late because you’ll either be stunned or take the hit to the face. Of course, the maneuver will take some time to perfect but that’s something you’ll need to do.

To sum it up, you’ll have to read enemy attack pattern, counter it, and retaliate. Timing should be the top notch to successfully perform a chamber in Mordhau.

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