Mordhau Beginners Guide – Chambering, Best Perks, Accels and Drags, Horses

Mordhau is a competitive hack & slash that has been getting growing attention ever since it released on Steam. If you’re into Melee-Slashers titles like Chivalry, Mount & Blade, and War of the Roses then chances are Mordhau is the game for you. However, it’s fundamentally different from them in certain ways and can be unforgiving to new players. Luckily, we’ve prepared this handy Beginners Guide so that you have a few tips to keep in mind while playing Mordhau.

Mordhau Beginners Guide

Mordhau collected all the positives about slasher games before it, like freeform fighting and free movement, which are the main aspects of these types of games while eliminating undesirable mechanics.

You can use melee weapons as well as a bow and arrow in combat. Complete the tutorial to get a proper grasp on it.

In terms of blocking, you need to pay attention to the opponent’s swing as he/she attacks. Make sure to always face their blow or it will hit your side.

The combat is largely about reading your opponent. Sometimes, your opponent will parry one of your attacks but this leaves him exposed. Use your footwork and feints to goad your opponent into panicking and using his parry too soon.

Game Modes

There are three flagship modes and some smaller ones. They all ensure that the match stays balanced. Frontline is a large open game mode with linear capture points and objectives.

Battle Royale has you spawn alone and defenseless so you’ve to collect gear from chests and slowly become stronger while avoiding being eliminated by other players. Dueling is the main part of this combat.

Horde hits you with waves after waves of various enemies and grows progressively gets harder over time. In this co-op mode, each kill gets you gold to spend on upgrading your weapons and armor.

The server browser has additional game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Skirmish.


There are 7 maps available at release:

  1. The Pit
  2. Contraband
  3. Tourney
  4. Mountain Peak
  5. Taiga
  6. Camp
  7. Grad

“Litemordhautestlevel” is a secret developer map and there are others to be released soon.

Health and Stamina

Stamina represents the player’s ability to fight. Most movements within Mordhau will drain it except for a basic slash or stab attack.

When you run out of stamina, your parries and chambers will end with you being disarmed by your opponent and he will earn a free hit on you. You can recharge it by doing nothing.

Health is similar to this but it recharges much slower. It can be recovered with Medkits and Bandages.

Acquiring and Customizing Weapons/Armor

You get set of default weapons from the armory but if you want to customize them, you’ll have to make a new mercenary. For beginners, we recommend the Greatsword, the Eveningstar, and the Spear.

There are 4 tiers of Armor i.e. Naked, Light, Medium, and Heavy. The stronger the armor, the more protection you’ll have but at the cost of slower movement.

Progression System

Each match rewards you with XP and Gold that can be used to purchase armor and weapons. The tutorial alone gets you 2,500 Gold that should more than cover your first purchase. There are no microtransactions in this game.

Mordhau Perks List and Best Perks

The full list of perks in the game is below:

Perks Perk Points Effects
Acrobat 1 Jump Stamina cost reduced by 50%.
Fireproof 1 Reduces fire damage by 80%.
Friendly 1 50% Damage reduction to dealt and received team damage.
Cat 1 Reduces fall damage by 50%.
Scavenger 1 Killing enemies causes them to drop everything they are carrying, including holstered equipment.
Ranger 1 Allows you to move 15% quicker while aiming a bow or crossbow.
Wrecker 1 Melee damage against structures increased 50%.
Smith 1 Repair effectiveness increased 50%.
Tenacious 2 Passive Health regeneration is 40% faster.
Second Wind 2 Stamina gain on hit increased 30%.
Bloodlust 2 Health on Kill increased 50%.
Fury 2 Stamina on kill increased 66%.
Brawler 2 Increases Fist damage.
Huntsman 2 Projectiles deal 200% damage against enemies wearing a quiver.
Rat 2 Crouch movement speed increased 10%. Footstep volume reduced 75%.
Rush 3 Instantly get a movement sprint boost upon killing an enemy.
Flesh Wound 3 Fatal melee and projectile damage, except for headshots, does not kill you immediately, but 5 seconds later.
Peasant 8 Restricts equipment & wearables to things a peasant would use and allows you to spawn with makeshift weapons.
Dodge 10 Jumping backward or to the sides will perform a dodge instead of a jump.

For the purpose of our Mordhau Starter Guide, Second Wind, Bloodlust, Tenacious, Huntsman, Ranger, Friendly, and Dodge are the best perks to utilize in the game.

Accels and Drags

When it comes to tips and tricks in Mordhau, these are advanced forms of swing manipulation that can increase or decrease the speed of your attacks by turning towards or away from your opponent during the attack.

Turning towards your opponent will accelerate the attack while turning away from your opponent will create a dragging effect and slow down the attack. You should take advantage of these in combat.

Utilize Horses in Combat

Although horses do not regenerate health, they do give you a decisive edge in combat. You can run at enemies to bash them and then exit the dense portions of the battlefield.

The faster you run, the more damage you’ll do. Light horses win more often at jousting so choose one along with a lance.

This is so far everything we have in our Mordhau Beginners Guide. Have anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!