Moonlighter Town Upgrades Guide – Vulcan’s Forge, Le Retailer, Banker, Hawker, Upgrade Tips

Moonlighter has a very colorful town and it can be upgraded so that you are able to yield rewards that would not be possible otherwise. There are multiple upgrades and if you are unable to understand, what they do or how to unlock them, then this Moonlighter Town Upgrades Guide is for you.

Our Moonlighter Town Upgrades Guide will tell you all that you need to know about the various upgrades that you can perform on your town and the effects that it will have on your story.

Moonlighter Town Upgrades

At the start of the game, some of the facilities will already be available for you to use. As you move on with the game, you will be able to attract more and more merchants to your town.

When this happens, you will have the opportunity to unlock new facilities and upgrades for the town as well as your character. Let us go ahead and take a look at all the facilities that you will be able to use when playing Moonlighter.

Moonlighter Town Upgrades

Here is a list of all the town upgrades and the advantages that you will get from them:

Vulcan’s Forge
This facility is available to you from the very beginning. To open it, you will need a total of 500 Gold. This facility will give will some very useful additions such as the ability to purchase and upgrade many different weapons as well as armor.

Try to unlock this facility as soon as you possibly can.

The Wooden Hat
This facility is also available to you from the start of the game and can be purchased for 500 Gold. This shop will supply you with various different potions and will enchant your weapons so that they are stronger than before.

Try to get this facility as soon as possible because you can sell your potions for a profit later on in the game.

Le Retailer
The Retailer is also available to you as soon as you start playing the game. However, she is much more expensive and costs 5500 Gold in order to be accessed.

She will be able to sell you different items at different types and they will range from being simple and easily accessible to quite a bit rare.

Remember that these items will be very overpriced so you should only go for a rare item here if you are unable to find it despite all your efforts. Do not be in a hurry to unlock Le Retailer, as it is not that useful.

The Banker will unlock later on in the game. You unlock the Banker after WIP by paying him 70000 Gold.

Hawker is available whenever you get the first overall upgrade for your shop. The total price of the Hawker is 20000 Gold and he can be used to buy decorations for your store.

These decorations will then have effects on your customers and may net you benefits such as more shop time or more customers in your shop at a single time.

Getting the Hawker is more and more important as soon as you get more upgrades to your shop and should definitely be bought once you are earning over 15000 coins per shop session.

That is all we have for our Moonlighter Town Upgrades Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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