Moonlighter Guide – Tips To Help You Get Started, Dungeons, Weapons, Town Vendors (Beginners Guide)

The Moonlighter Guide is for everything and anything Moonlighter, the Stardew Valley inspired game that lets you be a shopkeeper and a monster hunter at the same time. Cool, right? Let us discuss more about what Moonlighter actually is.

Moonlighter Guide

Basically, there are two sides to this game. During the daytime, you will manage a shop that plays out like many of the store management simulators out there.

While at night, things get more exciting and action-y when you hunt down monsters in terrifying dungeons. You collect any loot you may find in these dungeons and bring them back to be sold at your shop. A weird yet a total bonkers of a premise!

A teleport-like item exists which lets you transport back to the town of Rynoka from a dungeon. This town holds you dear shop Moonlighter and none other.

However, as you progress in the game you could bring some more vendors into the town that in turn benefits you by opening a wide variety of items you can use in dungeons.

These include shops where you can purchase weapons, gear, armor, health potions and many upgrades to beef your character up.

Progression comes in the form of clearing dungeons and defeating bosses. Of course, this goes hand to hand with the shops back in town as discussed above, it will increase your Power, Vitality, and thus chances of victory.

These items require gold and some other materials to be purchased. Luckily, you can grab both from dungeons and via selling goods from your shop.

The game has a total of 5 dungeons with each of the first four helping you collect 4 keys that will unlock the final and ultimate 5th dungeon.

In the Beginning…

To help you get started with the game, we are going to hold your hand just for the first set of objectives. One of these tasks will be to head to Golem Dungeon and defeat the boss there, Golem King.

You’ll notice, each dungeon has a similar outline with each one have two rooms, one for healing a fixed amount of health, the Healing Pool, while the other for getting some bits of lore and info about the world in Abandoned Campsite.

Beware; some of the rooms will belong to the dungeon of the higher level, so the enemies will be quite powerful. Taking on them is not recommended until you upgrade your weapons and gear.

In the Golem’s dungeon, you can find a Merchant’s Magnifying Glass that will help you trade an object in for 40% of its value in gold. The Merchant Emblem here will help you create a portal back to the town.

One of the most important materials that you should be collecting for sure is: Empowering Crystals and Rich Jelly. These come handy in upgrading weapons and armor.

When upgrading and modifying weapons, make sure to add them to your watch list, so you do not end up selling them accidentally. Store them for later!

Since you will not know the true value of the goods you are selling at your shop, we have listed below some estimates that would allow you to grant a profit and at the same time not be too expensive for the customers.

1-100 Gold

  • Root
  • Vine
  • Teeth stone
  • Iron bar

100-1000 Gold

  • Glass Lenses
  • Hardened Steel
  • Golem Core
  • Foundry Rests

1000+ Gold

  • Gold Runes
  • Golem Volume
  • Rune Tool
  • Mostly loots dropped by bosses in dungeons.

Weapon and armor upgrades happen at the Smith while healing and potions for another purpose will be available from the Witch.

Some Useful Tips

  • Do not be too patient: If you spend real long on a level in a dungeon, you will face a monster which insta-kills you
  • You can decorate your shop to achieve more profits and bonuses. These items are unlocked after getting The Hawker and upgrading your shop once.
  • It’s advisable to keep a long ranged secondary weapon since it will strike through barriers, trees and walls.
  • Look for small pathways or holes in a level; it will allow you to reach some hidden treasure.

This is all we have in our Moonlighter Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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