Moonlighter Gold Farming Guide – How To Farm Gold, Quick Farming Tips

Money is king in Moonlighter just as if it is in real life. However, you will come upon many instances where you will be strapped for cash and will not be able to figure out how to get it. Enter this Moonlighter Gold Farming Guide.

Our Moonlighter Gold Farming Guide will guide you comprehensively on how you can earn money through many different ways and use it on whatever you please.

Getting Started with Moonlighter Gold Farming

Remember that you need to head into the dungeons. You will be after Gold and red chests since they contain items that you offer. It is the curses of the items that are important.

There is a certain curse in the game that allows you to target a certain item and transform it into the cursed item once you return to the town. From here on, this curse will be known as ‘Imitate’.

Remember that all courses will be active once the items are in your bag. This means that you will need to place certain items on the sides of your inventory and some of your items will need to be sacrificed in order to keep the others.

Let us go ahead and figure out how to make some money:

How to Earn Gold Quickly

You need to find the secret rooms. If you see a sparkle when you enter the room, you can jump into the pits to get into the secret room. The Horde room will have a pillar in the middle with slime on it.

Interact with it to see some wooden chests and a few enemies that you need to kill. After that, you will be able to loot the items. You can interact with the pillar repeatedly to get higher-level chests.

You get wood and iron chests on the first 2 waves. After that, you get Gold chests on Wave 3 and Red Chests on Wave 4.

Remember to keep the cheap items such as Vines and Jelly. Items that can stack up to 10 are great. Once you have completed the Horde room, organize your inventory.

The Gold and the Red Chests will have an expensive item that you can use to target the cheap items and turn all of them into the aforementioned expensive item.

Once you have gotten all of the expensive items, all you need to do is to return out of the dungeon and sell the items in your shop for a massive profit.

Remember that once you complete the dungeon, you will be able to talk to Hawker who will sell you decorations that will have effects on your customers.

These decorations will be used to increase the profit. For example, some of them will cause you to get extra tips.

Lastly, you can sell your potions by turning your jelly into them. Other heroes will buy it and you can net quite a bit of Gold. Remember that potions sell for higher Gold during the day than they do at night.

The tips that you earn due to your decorations will allow you to net a healthy profit. Moreover, you will always have enough jelly to make potions, right?

That is all we have for our Moonlighter Gold Farming Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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