Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough – The Vestibule Puzzle Solution, Intro Puzzle Solution

Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough will guide you through the first level of the game and with solving The Vestibule Puzzle and the intro puzzle. These two puzzles are quite easy but if you are having trouble solving them, that is where this guide comes in.

Monument Valley 2 is a mobile title which focuses on Ro and her child through an illusory adventure of impossible architecture. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices and it is a sequel to Monument Valley which launched in 2014 and was also a mobile title.

Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough

Monument Valley 2 is a mobile title that focuses on an illusory adventure of impossible architecture. While playing the game players will encounter puzzles that they will have to solve in order to progress. This guide will help you with intro puzzle that you will encounter in the beginning of the game and Vestibule puzzle.

Introduction Puzzle
The first puzzle of Monument Valley 2 is the easiest one that players will encounter in the game.The purpose of this puzzle is to introduce players to the puzzle solving mechanics. To solve puzzles players will need to rotate or move various pieces of the world to lie up with the path.

To solve the introduction puzzle simply tap and hold down on the moveable piece in the center, and line up the path so that Ro can pass it and that is it.

The Vestibule Puzzle Solution
This is the second puzzle that players will encounter in the game, this level is also quite easy and will also introduce them to new puzzle solving mechanics in Monument Valley 2. To solve this puzzle, tap on the button in the center located at the corner of the garden. Several new pieces will rise from the ground, twist these pieces so that Ro and her child and pass and twist hem again so that can pass over to the button.

After pressing button go back to the bridge and then twist it again so that you can cross to the next button. Press the next button and exit the area and exit will appear on the top. Climb that ladder down and make your way across the two bridges which can be rotated by tapping on them.

Players will enter a new area which is also quite simple, just head straight along the bridge and keep going until you reach a small L-shaped piece that can be turned. Twist it and move to the left-hand platform and then turn it again and press the glowing button. A new platform will appear, turn it and reach it then climb down the ladder and go to the next button which will cause the blocks to fall to another level below. Make your way down the stairs and go through the tall gateway.

To solve this puzzle just press the button and Ro will go to it a short dialogue will take place and Ro will reach to a new area along with her child. A cutscene will take place and after that you will reach the next level.

That is all for our Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough with tips on how to solve the introduction puzzle and the Vestibule Puzzle.

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