Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough – The Viaduct Puzzle Solution

Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough will guide you through The Viaduct Puzzle so that you can progress with the game. This level os a bit tricky as here the game will introduce more complicated level and that is where this guide comes in.

Monument Valley 2 is a mobile title which focuses on Ro and her child through an illusory adventure of impossible architecture. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices and it is a sequel to Monument Valley which launched in 2014 and was also a mobile title.

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Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough

Monument Valley 2 is a mobile title that focuses on an illusory adventure of impossible architecture. While playing the game players will encounter puzzles that they will have to solve in order to progress. This guide will help you with The Viaduct puzzle and this where the game will start introducing more difficult puzzles.

The Viaduct Puzzle Solution

The world will be shrouded in the mist as the level begins and you will barely be able to make out the path ahead. Tap the ground to follow it and have Ro and her child climb up a series of ladders. You will find yourself with face to face with a set of stairs that you can interact with. Tap and hold on the stairs and swipe all the way down to close them and a flat platform will be revealed.

Now, to progress to the next area you will need to press two switches. Move Ro all the way to the end of the stairs after you pull them down. Once they are in place lift them up again until they reach the set of stairs. Tap Ro’s button to have her climb the stairs. With both switches pressed the exit will appear and all you have to do is go through it.

To solve the next bit you need to line the platforms up so that Ro can walk across it and reach the spirit ahead. Once you are there you will get to the next area but, Ro and her child and separated again. Move them up the path and interact with the movable platforms in the center. First, move the one on Ro’s path to her, and have her move onto it. Now move the platforms again and the child will climb onto it.

Have Ro to climb off onto the immovable platform on the other side and then move the child to this end and it will activate a glowing button on the path ahead. You will face another puzzle so, head down the walkway to the end and activate the button on the end of the path. The floor will open directly beneath the button. Go through the door, which will transport her to the opposite platform on the other side of the level.

Move Ro to the far end and another button will be triggered which will reveal a revolving platform underneath the child’s path in the middle. Place the child on the path and twist it so that child moves to Ro. This will also trigger a button and Ro will be pushed above her child and two doorways will be opened on both paths. Just head through them to get to the next area.

This area will have two central platforms which can be twisted and turned through the wheel in the middle of the screen. Turn the wheel so that Ro can move to the other side. Now turn the platform and the child will move as well. Have Ro stand on the button below and the child will move onto her button.

Once both buttons are activated, two doors will open and the world will shift a bit. Cross the bridges and the stairs and then twist them so that Ro can head over to her open door and you will get to the next area.

To solve the puzzle here you will need to bring both of them together. Twist the circles on the wall beneath Ro’s child to move different areas of the pathway near Ro’s child. Keep turning until the child reaches the stairs and continue to twist and turn until both are together. Interact with the black item and draw the symbol to end the level.

That is all for our Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough with tips on how to solve The Viaduct Puzzle.

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