Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough – The Oasis Puzzle Solution

Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough will guide you through the chapter 3 of the game and how to solve the Oasis Puzzle. Players will encounter The Oasis Puzzle in chapter 3 and while it is easy enough, players will get lost if not careful.

Monument Valley 2 is a mobile title which focuses on Ro and her child through an illusory adventure of impossible architecture. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices and it is a sequel to Monument Valley which launched in 2014 and was also a mobile title.

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Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough

Monument Valley 2 is a mobile title that focuses on an illusory adventure of impossible architecture. While playing the game players will encounter puzzles that they will have to solve in order to progress. This guide will help you with The Oasis puzzle that players will encounter in Chapter 3 where players will be introduced to new puzzle types.

The Oasis Puzzle Solution

The Oasis Puzzle will introduce you to a new type of intractable block. TO use these blocks just simply tap and hold and swipe in the direction where you need to go. To solve this area just tap the block closest to Ro and move it up until it creates a bridge that they can cross.

Once you are through look for a block with circles on the top of the screen and swipe it down so that Ro and her child can walk through. Once the blocks are in place just tap the final block and Ro will take her child to it. Once they are at the final block just swipe it to the left and head through the door and move to the next area.

In this new area move Ro and her child on the white checkboard block next to the block with the circles on it. Once they are there tap and hold and move it down until they can move onto it. After that move the block back to the top and get To and her child out through the doorway ahead.

There will be a long block with three circles on it and swipe it down to the path where Ro and her child appear. make them climb onto it and slide it down and then tap on the exit. A cutscene will trigger and once it is done Ro will be separated from her child and it is you who has to get them back together.

Lift up the pink block with two circles on it and have Ro climb it. The block will break and fall on its side. Line up the block with the far wall and Ro will progress forward. Follow the path up the stairs and to a gap where there is another block with circles on it.

Move this block to Ro and have Ro climb onto it. Now, move the block to the switch and get Ro to stand on it. This will activate the block that Ro’s child in standing on and they will be united. Now, climb onto the moveable block nearby and head through the exit.

This area can be confusing if one is not being careful. Get Ro and her child on the moveable platform and take it up to the next level. Now, have them walk up the wall that curves up from where they got off. Ignore the switch as you won’t be able to reach it and move to the piece of wall that crops out towards the back of the area. Move the platform up and have Ro and her child get on it.

At this point, you will be standing on the wall. Now, move the platform back down to the second level and have them climb off and follow the wall to the end. Climb the wall and press both switches. Now, interact with the item at the top and then tap on the light that comes from Ro’s spirit hat. Simply move your finger around to draw an emblem, and the level will come to an end.

That is al for our Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough with tips on the how to solve The Oasis Puzzle.

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