Monster Hunter XX Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, More Info Coming Soon

Nintendo Switch has been attracting the attention of many third-party developers and publishers and it seems that more and more games are coming to Switch. Capcom is an official third-party partner with Nintendo for the hybrid console and the studio has confirmed Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch.

Capcom confirmed Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch through its official Twitter account. Monter Hunter XX is currently available for Nintendo 3DS and Capcom has said that more details about the game will be revealed this Saturday at the Monster Hunter Championship 2017.

However, this is not the only third-party game that has been announced for Nintendo Switch. Developer Psyonix has also revealed that they are considering to bring Rocket League to Switch. However, the studio noted that it will only happen if enough gamers want it.

Also, EA has announced FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch. According to EA, FIFA 18 Switch will release later this year alongside the console versions of the game. It will be a custom experience by the FIFA development team in Vancouver, the guys who have already worked on FIFA Wii U.

However, EA does not plan to just release FIFA 18 for Switch. During EA’s recent earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that the company is excited about Nintendo Switch and the innovation it brought with it. He added that EA is looking to bring more titles to Switch other than FIFA 18. With EA Play coming next month we can expect EA to announce more titles for the hybrid console.

Monster Hunter XX is an action RPG developed by Capcom for Nintendo 3DS and will launch for Switch later this year.

Source: Twitter

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