Monster Hunter: World Spring Blossom Event – New Armor Sets, Greatsword, All Bonuses

Monster Hunter: World Spring Blossom is a seasonal event which adds a lot of new things for you to do in the game. Since a lot of new stuff is being added, it is important for you to know all about what is being added and how you can benefit from it while playing the game.

Monster Hunter: World Spring Blossom Event has a ton of new stuff for you to do and a lot of bonuses for you to get, so let us go ahead and look at the event in detail.

Monster Hunter: World Spring Blossom

As a part of the event, any hunter that logs in to the game daily will receive different bonuses. These range from a Lucky Voucher meaning you get two of them a day to Blossom Fireworks which are cosmetics that you can send out to other people when you are on the hunt.

You will also get a Spring Blossom Ticket that you can use to get more Blossom Fireworks if you give it to the Elder Melder. Let us go ahead and take a look at what else you can do with the expansion pack and what rewards can you get with it.

Everything New in Spring Blossom Event

The first thing that you will immediately notice is that your Poogie and your Handler looking different. They have new outfits as a celebration of the event. You can change them if you want by interacting with it.

You will also have access to a lot of new gestures, stickers, and hairstyles. Among the gestures are Air Splits, Feverish Dance, Passionate, Interpretive Dance, Windmill Whirl, Suat Day, and Galivanting Dance.

You can also get The Admiral and The Handler hairstyle along with a few sticker picks which can be acquired through the paid DLC.

To add to all of this, you have access to the Blossom Armor Set which has two variants. You can get it through the Blossom Tickets and either Earth Crystals for the low-rank or the Carbalite Ore for the high-rank.

The Armor Set is not really much to look at but it can still ruffle some feathers for some fans of the game. To add to this, you can also get the Queen Beetle Set for female hunters or the Butterfly Set for the male hunters by completing the Arena Challenges that are in the game.

You also get a new Greatsword known as the Wyvern Ignition. You need to complete ‘Every Hunter’s Dream’ event to get it. This weapon has a futuristic vibe to it which makes it stand out. You can check out our Spring Blossom Guide to learn more about how to acquire the new Armor Sets and Greatsword.

Other new things that come with the expansion are the vendors that sell items at a discount and all of the past events that the game has had which means you can finally get the Aloy or the Street Fighter gear for yourself. Lastly, the Gathering Hub has a lot of decorations for you to see so be sure to check that out!

That is everything we know about the Monster Hunter: World Spring Blossom Event. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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