Monster Hunter World Sales Break 7.5 Million, Game Still Going Strong

Monster Hunter World sales have broken 7.5 million, meaning the game is still going strong and remains Capcom's best-selling game ever due to everything that went into its creation.

Monster Hunter World sales have apparently broken 7.5 million units, showing that the game is still going strong despite it having come out an entire month ago. This number also includes digital download sales, unlike the previous sales report, which only included physical sales of the game on its original release.

Considering how much effort has gone into the making of Monster Hunter World, not just in terms of old and new monsters, new environments, new weapons and mechanics, and a new engine, the fact that the game is selling so well means that it’s a great return on investment to Capcom.

The 7.5 million Monster Hunter World sales mean that the game continues to be Capcom’s best-selling game ever, even over Capcom staples like Street Fighter and other highly popular franchises of theirs. World also marks the return of a Monster Hunter game to home consoles in 9 years, with most of the others since then being exclusively for handheld consoles like the DS and its derivatives.

The last Monster Hunter game to come out for a home console was Monster Hunter Tri, which got released on the Wii back in 2010. Since then, up until Monster Hunter World came out, Monster Hunter games have mainly been on Nintendo’s handheld devices.

And even with Monster Hunter World sales so high, there’s still the PC release to consider later this year, along with the various DLCs and new monsters that will be constantly added throughout the game’s lifetime, not to mention the word of mouth that’s already made the game so successful.

If you want to take part in the exploration of the New World in Monster Hunter, you can currently buy the game either on the Xbox One or the Playstation 4. Or, if you want to wait a while longer until the PC version comes out, you can do that too, though it’s not currently known when that PC release will happen.

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