Monster Hunter World Will Not Feature Loot Boxes Or Micotransactions, Capcom Confirms

With games like Shadow of War, Star Wars Battlefront, and Call of Duty: WW2 featuring loot boxes it seems that every other single-player game will be featuring micro-transactions but there are developers who intend to stay away from them as Capcom has confirmed that there will be no loot boxes in Monster Hunter World.

Speaking with Gamespot, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and game director Yuuya Tokuda confirmed that Monster Hunter World will not feature loot boxes and also talked about what will happen to the game if it includes them. According to the devs, the game already features randomized loot and loot boxes will not make any sense.

I think that Monster Hunter has already built that kind of randomized, item reward into the gameplay. You’ve already kind of got loot as a core gameplay aspect without having to shove a microtransaction version of it in. We want people to have the experience that we’ve made for them rather than the option to skip the experience

Monster Hunter World will not only be free of the loot boxes but, Capcom has also confirmed that all the DLC for the game will be free. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto confirmed that Monster Hunter World DLC will be free like it always has been in the franchise saying “We will continue to release free quests as we always have”.

He also added that console players will have to sign up for console-specific online services if they wish to play online with their friends. He also explained why players will be required to sign-up.

On portable, you are not always online, so you have to have a system in place where people will download the quests or data when they are at home then play when they are out. Now with the console, we can rely on you being online whenever you’re on.

Monster Hunter World is scheduled to launch on January 26, 2018, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the game will launch for PC at a later date.

Source: Gamespot

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