Monster Hunter World Muscle Monkey Madness Event Guide

Are you ready to take onto two humongous, ultra-powerful and supercharged Gorillas? Well, the Monster Hunter World Muscle Monkey Madness Event is all about this.

You will be facing two notorious Rajangs in a single hunt so you better be well prepared for it. As tough as it is, the reward is equally worth it. You get the Buff ticket which will let you craft the Buff body armor set in Monster Hunter World.

So how do you beat these two monsters and make the best of the reward you get? These questions will be answered in the following guide.

Monster Hunter World Muscle Monkey Madness Event

Don’t forget that this is an event quest so it will be available for a limited time only. So when it starts according to the calendar, make sure you participate in it and get the anticipated rewards.

As for the quest itself what you must know is that only one of these angry monsters is enough for an unprepared team so you must have had your homework done.

Rajangs are weak to Ice so that’s your plus point but in case you don’t have an Ice Blaster, you can always use the Raw damage inflicting weapons.

The Guild Palace weapons are actually good for the quest and you get them from the “50 Shades of White” event quest. Just upgrade them with Hero King Coins from Arena Counter Missions.

While the Rajang is in the rage mode which is the second level of enraged stage it will be most aggressive and will deal greater damage.

What is more concerning is that it becomes almost impossible to attack him!

Get the Rajang out of the enraged stage by attacking its tail. Don’t forget to use Clutch Claw to soften it arms in the Rage mode otherwise, you can’t even touch them.

Something about this quite challenging in this quest that could be favorable for you is the fact that the Rajangs do turn against each other and damage each other so use that to your advantage and keep them close to each other.

So don’t raise the fence between them as it may also result in separation among co-op players. Oh, and do bring a Farcaster just in case.

Finally, instead of ramming the Rajangs into walls and objects, turn them against each other by using the Clutch Claw Slam Attack.

The Rajangs tend to damage each other more when you slam their heads together than just pushing them towards the walls. In this way, you can deal twice the damage but as effective it sounds, its equally difficult