Monster Hunter World Is The Best Selling Capcom Game With 14 Million Copies Sold

Iceborne, the Monster Hunter World expansion debuted early last month and has been a bestseller in various parts of the world.

Thanks to this, the game reached an impressive sales goal that secured its place as the most popular Capcom title for a good while longer.

What we mean is that, through the official Monster Hunter account on Twitter, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter World has already distributed more than 14 million copies globally.

This figure takes into account all copies sent to stores, as well as digital sales, so it is not completely representative of the number of people who have purchased the most recent version of Monster Hunter.

[Thanks] Monster Hunter World released in January 2018 has achieved 14 million global shipments for the first time in Capcom history. Thank you very much hunters! The super-large expansion content Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is now on sale!

It is worth mentioning that, by July 2019, Monster Hunter World had sold more than 13.1 million units. This means that since then, 900,000 copies of this game have been shipped and we imagine that most of them were sold by the launch of Iceborne.

As we mentioned before, with 14 million copies sold, Monster Hunter World consolidates its place as Capcom’s best-selling game.

In addition, it is close to selling more than double the original version of Resident Evil 5, a game that until a couple of years ago was the greatest success of Capcom with 7.5 million copies sold. We’ll see if the game manages to continue this way.

Capcom continues to expand the adventure with epic crossovers. On this occasion, the dealer went big by deciding that Leon, Claire and other Resident Evil characters will arrive in the world of their RPG to fight huge monsters.

Capcom shared this unexpected news through a video that they shared on Twitter. In it we see the protagonists of Resident Evil 2 equipped with huge swords and other weapons from the world of Monster Hunter World to fight against huge monsters.

That’s not all, since it seems that the characters of this world will act like zombies and there are clues that indicate that Tofu could be part of this project.

As if all of the above were not strange enough, this crossover will also introduce Mr. X, but this time he will serve as an ally. In fact, we see several occasions in which Leon saves the skin from this terrifying being.

According to Capcom, the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter World event will arrive sometime in November. At the moment there are no more details about the crossover, but we hope that it consists of missions that, when completed, will reward you with Resident Evil skins, since other Monster Hunter World events have been like that.

In case you don’t know, this is not the first collaboration event. Only a few days ago, new Horizon: Zero Dawn missions came to this project. In addition, since its premiere in early 2018, the game has opened the arms of characters from series such as Street Fighter and The Witcher.

I remind you that Monster Hunter World is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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