Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tempered Crimson Mane Farming Guide

On the hunt to get the best gear in Iceborne expansion? This Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tempered Crimson Mane farming guide will help you collect this resource to upgrade your high-end equipment.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tempered Crimson Mane Farming

Perhaps the most important item that you may get when you get to The Guiding lands region, a new zone in Iceborne, is Tempered Crimson Mane, which you can obviously later on use to upgrade your weapons.

This rare item only drops at Master Rank so you need the Iceborne expansion and access to Guiding Lands of the Monster Hunter World expansion. So the following guide is quite helpful for you to figure out where can you find the monster that drops this rare item!

As the name suggest, you have to basically defeat a tempered monster to get the mane. To be specific you need to fight and defeat a Tempered Teostra in the Guiding lands.

As soon as you defeat it, it will drop its Tempered Crimson Mane material in the form of a shiny white stones which will become the part of your quest rewards whenever you report to the handler!

But guess what you can double the Tempered Crimson Mane farming by equipping yourself with level one of Geologist skill! Even though this skill is mainly for picking more stuff from bonepiles.

While the Tempered Crimson Mane doesn’t come from the bonepiles, it still doubles the farming hence the upgrade is quite favorable.


What you must do in order to make the most out of the fight in form of more shiny drops is to latch onto the Teostra face with your Cluster claw and while ensuring you have a glob of Slinger ammo just toss the monster in either direction. You aim should be to slap the monster into walls or stone or any other solid object around you!

Luckily you can pull this trick of three times only if they keep in the non enraged state! Otherwise you will have to wait till they calm down

Once you have the monster going for a hit on the object just shoot the slinger ammo on them making the monster hit the object forcefully which results in dropping of one or more shinies!

And if its a Tempered Teostra then you might have one or more Tempered Crimson Mane dropped!

This might sound easy but the whole process can only happen if you manage to lure the monster in, in the first place. The beast only shows up if you raise The Guiding Lands’ Wildspire Region to level 7!

If you do that you can summon a Tempered Teostra without any doubt!

Further more you could use the Teostra bait dropped from breaking monster’s parts then make sure it’s a tempered one which will ensure a Tempered Teostra lured in and a Tempered Crimson Mane for you after getting the job done.

Time to go Hunt Tempered Teostra and get the reward so good luck with that!

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