Monster Hunter World Sales Hit 13.1m, Iceborne At 2.5m

The global sales of Iceborne are in and as previously predicted, cement Monster Hunter World as another massive success story for Capcom.

In a press release earlier today, the publisher announced that the expansion pack has already shipped over 2.5 million copies worldwide. The sales figure covers both the standard and master editions between the physical and digital versions across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC wasn’t included because the platform won’t receive the expansion pack until January 2020, but when it does, you can bet that the overall sales are going to be further boosted.

The series has sparked a social phenomenon known as the “Monster Hunter Craze” by introducing a new kind of communication style for players through cooperative play focused on hunting monsters with their friends.

Capcom also noted that sales of the base Monster Hunter World have reached 13.1 million copies as of June 30, 2019. This is the first time in history that Capcom has achieved such a record-high with a game. Thanks to the latest installment, cumulative sales of the Monster Hunter franchise have exceeded 58 million copies as of September 13, 2019.

Take note that Iceborne was released just last week. In Japan, where the franchise holds the most recognition, the expansion pack has sold more than 250,000 copies since launch. This, however, only covers physical sales between the standard and master editions on PlayStation 4. Capcom hasn’t broken down how sales fared in the country after accounting for digital sales.

Last week, Capcom announced the first batch of free content heading to Monster Hunter World with a post-Iceborne update. The indomitable Rajang, an ape-like fanged beast with immense physical strength, will be added next month. He has the ability to emit lightning bolts from the mouth, lunge great distances in a second, crush would-be hunters with strong arms, and change the entire environment through chaos.

Iceborne is the first and only expansion pack for Monster Hunter World. It goes without saying that the surging popularity should convince Capcom to bring out another expansion pack down the road, instead of bringing out a sequel.

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