Monster Hunter World Iceborne Rotten Vale Treasure Locations

Monster Hunter World’s regions have a lot to be explored and found by the players. Our main focus today will be searching for treasure in a specific region named The Rotten Vale region in Monster Hunter World Iceborne; which has a total of 10 treasures waiting to be discovered.

The following guide will help you in discovering each treasure’s location as accurately as possible. It should be noted that before beginning our search, we will first need to achieve the bare minimum level of unity (Level 6) with the Grimalkyne faction, in the region we would like to search for treasures.

Iceborne Rotten Vale Treasure Locations

There are two ways to approach our little treasure hunt.  The first method is via Palico Gadgets. In order to get said gadgets, you must level up your faction and earn their trust by finishing their side quests; which upon completion should give a Palico Gadget. Once the gadget in question is unlocked, you can now use the help of a faction to assist you in the hunt to find all the Rotten Vale Treasure.

Alternatively, we can use the Tailraider Signal gadget in Hoarfrost Reach, allowing us to bring, what is essentially a taxi (Tailraider). This method will only work if you were to be in your party alone.

Once our faction reaches level 6, we can make a paw swap with them in their lairs; allowing the players to trade with them for treasure tips.

You can tell if a Grimalkyne is interested in your item by his unique reaction to your item. They could be curious about your item, or they could not care less, or they could be absolutely crazy about your item, which is exactly what you need for your treasure tip. Give your items to the NPC that has the most exciting reaction to your item, which would give you the treasure.

The Grimalkyne take keen interest in elements such as meat and potions, but do try to see their reaction towards all items and act accordingly.

They will like most items. If you cannot see any interest from the Grimalkynes, you must travel in and out between regions until they show the interest you need them to. The limit is 3 items per visit and hints are compulsory for finding treasure. Certain treasures may require more than one hint before you can find the actual treasure.

Treasure #1
The first treasure can be found in the very north in area 13 surrounded by bones.

Treasure #2
Descend from camp 1 and head up the slope to the area with the stalagmites. The treasure should be in the south-west corner.

Treasure #3
For the third treasure, climb up the vines from the central camp in area 11, walk along the path and as you drop down, you should see the treasure.

Treasure #4
To find the fourth treasure, the first hint should take you to the only tree in area 3. Moving from here, take the small tunnel south of it and descend into the pit with paintings on a black wall. That is where the treasure should be.

Treasure #5
In area 3, instead of going towards the tree; go down the slope, and in the corner you should be able to find the second hint. Moving further on towards the eastern wall of Area 8, you should be able to find the fifth treasure.

Treasure #6
The 6th treasure requires two hints. In the north of area 9, you will find the second hint for the treasure which is at the location given below

Treasure #7
The 7th treasure’s second hint can be found south of area 2. The red crystal near Area 4’s eastern wall, is where the treasure is.

Treasure #8
The 8th treasure’s second hint can be found in the area connecting the area 12 and 14. The second hint will lead you to area 10, into some bushes next to rib bones, which should give you the third hint. The treasure should be hidden on the edge of the cliff in area 9.

Treasure #9
Head south from area 8 to Great Girros’ lair and in the corner of area 7, you can find the second hint to the 9th treasure. The hint you have now will lead you to southeast camp in area 1, where you will find the third hint for this treasure.

The treasure itself will be in the water (acidic) in area 12.

Treasure #10
For the 10th treasure, ironically, the second hint can be found in area 10; lying north of the rib-bones. This hint will take you to area 16 and in the southwest corner of area 16 you need to inspect the bones.

The last and final treasure, concluding our treasure hunt, can be found at the red wall in area 6.

This brings our treasure hunt to a close. Having found the 10 treasures of Rotten Vale in its entirety, our hunt has come to its conclusion.

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