Monster Hunter World DLC Will Be Free, Capcom Confirms

Monster Hunter world franchise is making the jump to PC and current gen consoles with Monster Hunter World but, Capcom will not be ditching the free DLC model for the franchise as Monster Hunter World DLC will be free. This is quite interesting since paid DLC is common for PC and console games.

Speaking with Polygon at Gamescom 2017, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto confirmed that Monster Hunter World DLC will be free like it always has been in the franchise saying “We will continue to release free quests as we always have”.

He also added that console players will have to sign up for console-specific online services if they wish to play online with their friends. He also explained why players will be required to sign-up.

On portable, you are not always online, so you have to have a system in place where people will download the quests or data when they are at home then play when they are out. Now with the console, we can rely on you being online whenever you’re on.

Executive producer Kaname Fujiok assured that the DLC will not be something cut from the main game in Monster Hunter World. “We have made sure we are putting the volume of gameplay people expect from a Monster Hunter. I think we have our priorities right. We don’t want to let any users down who are used to Monster Hunter being a great, meaty experience.”

Also, Capcom has explained why the game is coming to PC and consoles instead of handhelds. According to Capcom, it was the right time to bring the franchise to consoles as the current generation is dynamic and allows devs to showcase a much more dynamic world, realistic AI and more.

Furthermore, Capcom has assured that while the game will be taking advantage of the current generation of consoles but, the gameplay will not be sacrificed to make it look pretty.

Monster Hunter World is scheduled to launch in 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Polygon

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