Monster Hunter: World Behemoth Guide

Our Monster Hunter: World Behemoth Guide will tell you all about how you can defeat the Behemoth and get the armor that has been introduced in the game as part of the crossover with Final Fantasy.

Monster Hunter: World Behemoth

The new armor set is known as the Drachen armor set and can be farmed mostly by battling the Behemoth. Remember that it will take a long time in order to get all of the components of this armor so you need to be prepared to grind it out. You will need to complete a special assignment from the Serious Handler in the tradeyard.

Do that assignment by the handler by going to Wildspire Waste and killing a Kulu-Ya-Ku. Once you are done with the beast, the armor set will appear in your workshop. Here are all of the materials that you will need in order to be able to craft the armor set

  • Behemoth Mane x9
  • Behemoth Bone x13
  • Behemoth Great Horn x2
  • Aeheryte Shard x3
  • Behemoth Shearclaw x3
  • Dragonbone Relic x2
  • Behemoth Tail x2
  • Novacrystal x2
  • Firecell Stone x2

The Novacrystal, Firecell Stone, and Dragonbone Relics are found by slaying Elder Dragons in The New World. The rest will come from the Behemoth whom you will need to find and slay multiple times in order to harvest all of the parts that are required.

When you craft the armor, you will be able to get Critical Eye ability along with both Attack and Critical armor. Let us go ahead and look at how to defeat the Behemoth.

How to Kill Behemoth

First, you need to ensure that you have the required inventory to take on a monster that is as strong as the Behemoth is. It is quite important for you to have at least 4 people whenever you go up against the Behemoth, otherwise you will not be able to compete with it.

Some useful items to bring along include:

  • Astera Jerky: Cures bleed status that is inflicted by Behemoth
  • Flash Pods: Cancels spells like Charybdis
  • Lifepowder: Heals teammates
  • Maxpotion: Restores health when you’re on the verge of death
  • Nulberries: Cures Thunderblight from the Behemoth’s lightning attack
  • Cold Drink: Use it when the Behemoth is the hot part of Elder’s Recess

It is ok to fail, as the monster is quite difficult. There are patterns that the monster follows so even if you do end u failing, it is important to take note of all of the patterns that the monster tends to follow. Whenever the Behemoth is about to cast an attack, you will be able to see it on the right side of your screen.

Moreover, one of the best things about this monster is that the attacks are taken from the Final Fantasy franchise which means that those who have played the franchise will already know many of the ways in which Behemoth operates.

There are quite a few different attacks that the Behemoth can do, and one of the worst is the Charybdis spell. What this attack does is that it creates tornadoes around the map which you need to avoid no matter what happens.

These tornadoes deal damage to whoever is stupid enough to step into them and they knock the players back which leaves them helpless and susceptible to further attacks.

You can cancel it by throwing a Flash Pod at the boss. Be careful though since this move resets the enmity or agro. Just discuss with your team in order to make sure you don’t waste the Flash Pods.

Whenever you see the Behemoth casting a tornado, see where it is and move away from it ASAP. Another spell that the behemoth can do is the Meteor which brings down a massive boulder from the sky right onto the player.

The attack is not that difficult to avoid unless you are not focused. The ground where the meteor is going to fall is labelled quite clearly so all you need to do is to watch out and move away from the area where the meteor is going to fall.

Another spell that the Behemoth can do is Comet which is similar to Meteor but the boulder stays on the ground and can be used as cover later on in the fight.

Behemoth also has many standard attacks such as claw, charge and body slam. Watch out for them, as they can be quite devastating in themselves. The worst attack is Ecliptic Meteor which has a huge area of effect.

The best way to defeat this monster is to attack it during its casting animation. The animation is not that long so be careful of when the attack actually comes in.

Also try to attack the behemoth in its head to focus its attention to 1 particular player and then the other 3 will be able to deal a ton of damage while the monster is unsure on whom to attack.

It is important to be patient as this monster can easily take out 4 players without having to do that much.

Try to bide your time until you see an opportunity that you can use to deal enough damage for the time and then wait for the next opportunity. Once you defeat the monster, you will be able to get the parts for the new armor.

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter: World Behemoth Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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