Monster Hunter Stories Monsters Guide – How to Acquire Monsters, Egg Types

This Monster Hunter Stories Monsters Guide will walk you through the process of acquiring new monsters when playing Monster Hunter Stories. A number of useful tips and tricks will be provided to make the process of getting new monsters easier and more fun. Information about the egg types and their intricacies that differentiate them from one another will also be provided so that by the time you finish reading this guide, you are ready to catch ‘em all.

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Monster Hunter Stories Monsters Guide

In this Monster Hunter Stories Monsters Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about the process of acquiring Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories.

How to acquire monsters in Monster Hunter Stories

First, you need to find an egg and hatch it to get a monster. 11 types of eggs exist in the game such as Herbivore, Fanged Beast, and Neotperon and all of them have the same pattern. Colors and names can vary though according to the type of monster residing in them. A Humble Brd Wyv Egg, for example, has the same pattern but different colors than a Burning Brd Wyv Egg.

The humble one could contain a Velocidrome while the Burning one could contain a Yian Kut-Ku. The difference in colors may also contain a different variant of the same monster so watch out for the various different kinds of monsters and the types of eggs they reside in.

Monstie eggs are usually found at the nests located inside Monster Dens. You can swap the egg a few times in case you do not get the shell pattern or weight that you prefer. Pay attention to the comments made by Navirou about how weight and patterns affect the quality of the eggs. The dens with a golden cave are the rarer ones that will have Monsties with better genes.

The locations of the monster dens reset when you enter a town or dungeon so remember this fact. You can either nab an egg off a monster when it retreats after you beat it or you can use the paintball that you will acquire later in the game to make them retreat. This works best with Qurupeco that allows you to call a monster into the field.

Remember that you can only command level 1 Monsties like Aptonoth and Velocidime at the start of the game but you will unlock the ability to ride higher level Monsties as you play the campaign and increase your rider rank.

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter Stories Monsters Guide. Let us know if we missed something by using the comments section below!

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