How to Get S Rank in Battles in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Every time you finish a battle in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, you will look forward to achieving that elusive S Rank. Finishing up fighting with an S Rank is not an easy task to perform. It can be tricky at first, but it is well worth trying as it will give you much more rewards. We will be discussing some essential tips that will help you achieve the grand S Rank.

How to Get S Rank in Battles in Monster Hunter Stories 2

S Rank is the highest rank that one can achieve after a fight in Monster Hunter Stories 2. This rank measures how well you performed in a particular battle in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

The rankings in the order of highest to lowest are given; as S being the highest, then A, B, C, and finally D.

How is Ranking Calculated?

The ranking you end up achieving depends on the number of battle points you gather throughout the fight. The more points you accumulate, the higher ranking you achieve. S Rank is earned after 500 battle points have been collected. Rank A comes with 350 or above, B with 250 or above, C with 150 or above, and D with 50 or above points.

S Rank is exceptional, and of course, it brings many benefits with it. Achieving a higher rank rewards players with bonus items and monster parts. The number of bonus items that you earn also depends on your rank.

S Rank can get you up to 5 bonus items; A-Rank can get you 4 bonus items, B Rank can get you up to 3 bonus items, C Rank can get you 2 bonus items, and finally D Rank can get you a single bonus item only.

Battle Points in MH Stories 2

As mentioned above, the number of battle points you end up gathering plays a vital role in helping you achieve the S Rank. You can accumulate battle points in many ways. The most efficient way to earn many points is to win the fight in very few rounds.

If you manage to win against multiple enemies within 1 to 3 rounds of fighting, you’ll be able to easily bag many points towards your 500 point target to achieve the S Rank.

How to Earn Battle Points in MH Stories 2

Remember that the points you earn can vary depending on the difficulty, result, or the importance of that action.

You can get points for winning head-to-head matches, and if you remain undefeated in these one-on-one battles, you will get bonus points as a reward.

Other tips include Riding on your Monstie, using your skills on enemies, executing special attacks like a double attack, and using Kinship skills. You can perform these actions multiple times to kill an enemy using a skill or Kinship Skill to get an additional points bonus.

Lastly, use as many abilities as you can and break the maximum amount of monster parts for the maximum number of points.

Quick Finish

Quick Finish is the best way to get an S Rank, but keep in mind that this option is unlocked only if you are at a reasonably higher level than the enemy in front of you. This will automatically earn you an S Rank quickly, but this doesn’t count as a good way to achieve your goal since it has a precondition.

Whenever you earn points, you will see a message appear during the battle; these messages will indicate your performance in the battle and let you know how close you are to the S Rank.

Remember, you need 500 points or more to achieve the S Rank. The tips mentioned above will help you earn these 500 points.

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