Monster Hunter Stories 2 Tips

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin has its fair share of mechanics to keep you busy. We’ll be showing you a few Monster Hunter Stories 2 Tips and Tricks to get started with the game.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Tips

Below are some tips and tricks for MH Stories 2 you should know before you begin your adventure.

Where to Find Monstie Eggs?

The best place for you to look for eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is inside Rare Monster Dens. You have a higher chance to get a much rarer egg drop when you go and look for them in the rare Monster Dens.

Once inside the Monster Den, make your way towards the nest. The nests are also marked on the map as an egg. Follow the route towards the nest and once near it, step inside the nest and interact with it to look for an egg.

Don’t Wake Up the Monster When Digging for Eggs

You can only search for the egg in the nest three times before waking up the monster. When you dig in the nest for the fourth time, the monster will wake up and you will have to defeat it in order to leave the area with the egg.

Retreat Rate

To increase the rate of getting the same monster out from an egg, you have to make the monster go into a Retreat state in a battle. You can use Paintball to increase the Retreat rate or learn about the monster in the Monsterpedia on what ways you can increase the retreat rate for that monster.

Perform Double Attacks

Double Attack is when you and your monster attacks the enemy monster at the same time and deal a powerful blow. There a certain conditions that need to be fulfilled to perform a double attack.

You need to make sure that you and your monstie attack the same body part of the monster that is facing you. The enemy monster should be attacking you to make the double attack work. You also need to make sure that your and your monster’s attack type is the same.

Swap Weapons When Fighting

Sometimes, your weapon will not be dealing any damage to the monsters because they might be of a different elemental type. In this situation, you have to change your weapon to the one that deals damage to the monster of that elemental type.

You can swap weapons without consuming a turn but only once. Also, make sure you have at least one weapon of each elemental type in your inventory.

Chest Types

There are three types of chests in Monster Hunter Stories 2. These are:

  • Brown Chests – These are the most common chests that are scattered around the map. These chests contain average or common items of the game.
  • Blue Chests – It contains rare items like Stimulants that are used to unlock Non-Levelled Locked slots in the Bingo chart.
  • Red Chests – These are the rarest found chests in the game that contain items like Bottle Caps.

Compete in the Tournaments

Tournaments require Bronze Tickets to enter and are unlocked in the third area. To enter a tournament, open the Quest Board and compete in the tournament. You will get rare and powerful items from winning the Tournaments.

Get Daily Rewards by Visiting Prayer Pots

You can get daily rewards once you log in to the game by going to the Prayer Pot and completing the Tsukino’s Lunar Luck. It requires you to roll a dice that then determines how good of a reward you will get.