How to Increase Stable Slots in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Stables are the most fundamental mechanic of the game that help you micromanage the entirety of your Monsties’ roster. You will inevitably, however, run out of Stable Slots like everyone else and that is where we will help by showing you how to increase your stable slots in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to Increase Stable Slots in Monster Hunter Stories 2

You can do all sorts of stuff with the stables, store your Monsties, edit your party, change the Genes and so much more.

Though you have a good amount of space when you start but, you soon run out of it – however, you need not worry because you can increase the size of your stables.

When do I know I’ve run out of Stable Space?

You will not be able to hatch any eggs, that is when you will know that your stable is full. You also get a pop-up message notifying you that you do not have any space left. This guide will tell you all the necessary details about how to increase stable slots in MH Stories 2.

Stable Slots in Monster Hunter Stories 2

You start with an adequate number of slots in your stable and you can continue with the game. But eventually, the slots will run out. You need more space as you keep going further into the game.

You realize the space available is not enough to fit the Monsties you will breed. As you get farther in the game you will find more Monster Eggs which require more stable space.

The process to expand your stables is very easy. When you have reached a certain level in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you unlock the Melynx Inc. feature.

Melynx Inc. and Stable Slots

You will find one Melynx Inc. merchant in every village. You can locate it on the map. The Melynx is a vendor that sells different items like weapons, armors, hairstyles, and much more in exchange for bottle caps.

You will need to buy the Stable Blueprint 1 in exchange for the bottle caps from the Melynx. This will increase the available space in the stable and you will be eligible for an upgrade. You will need to buy these slots from time to as you progress.

If you progress through the game and reach an advanced stage, and still do not buy any slots then you can get them in bulk. But if you buy these items from time to time then there will be a specific limit to what you can buy.

The items are always limited but you can either wait for your limit to increase (buy in bulk) or just get your slots as soon as you are eligible.

One thing that you have to be sure of is that you always have some bottle caps. Because without them you cannot buy anything from the merchant.

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