Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rite of Channeling Guide

In this Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rite of Channeling guide, we'll be providing you with a few tid bits to get started on Rite of Channeling

The first time to Channel a Monstie is during Chapter 2 of Moster Hunters Stories 2: Wings of Ruins. You’ll get notified about this mechanic once you’ve completed few main quests. In this Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rite of Channeling guide, you’ll learn the basics of using the Rite of Channeling in MH Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rite of Channeling

During MH Stories 2, you’ll get to know about the Rite of Channeling Mechanic at the Rutoh Village. To progress any further, you need to sacrifice an Aptonoth. Once sacrificed, you can now master the mechanics and channel your own Monsties.

Below you’ll find Rite of Channeling tips to help you get started with the process in MH Stories 2 Wings of Ruin.

How to Use Rite of Channeling

Let’s start from the basics. Initially, all you need to know is that despite Rite of Channeling not being obligatory during your campaign, it does play an important role while facing tough competitions later on when participating in Player vs Player battles.

Many other RPG games have a similar concept called breeding where two characters share their genes to make a new character. Monster Hunter Stories 2 follows the same concept but with few changes added to the list. For example, during Rite of Channeling, the first character inherits the genes from the second character while the second character vanishes and becomes a part of the first character.

Therefore, before randomly selecting a character to swap genes, make sure to take a look at your characters list since you don’t want one of your best Monsties to get cut off like that.

One more important thing that should be pointed out is that during Rite of Channeling, you must select one character that already has good stats and perks. Also, you can do this with both Active as well as Passive skills of characters such as Pukei-Pukei.

You play MH Stories 2 to fight Monsters and most probably catch them and will come across various genes.

These genes can be both Active and Passive and you can view all the genes you’ve come across in a list of genes called the Book of genes. Head over to the main menu and you’ll find the book of genes at the Field Guide section.

As mentioned before, you must select a character having high stats and make sure to pick the ones with all of the ability slots unlocked as it helps in swapping genes.

In case the slots are locked, simply head over to the “Use Ritual Item” option out of the menu and use them on your selected Monstie to unlock the ability slot. You can unlock these Items either from the Melynx Inc. shop or as rewards.

Using the Bingo System can increase your character’s abilities. The character ability slot is distributed into a 3×3 grid on all sides whether it be diagonal, vertical, or horizontal and by matching any 1/3 color lines or lining up the same symbols, you receive a bonus.

The best part about this system is that you can get both bingos of elemental color as well as an attack type. The Rainbow Gene acts as a free note and you can place it at the center which helps it complete the bingo in case you’re going for different elements and symbols.

Lastly, you must keep an eye on the skill detonation with three types of variants such as S, M, and L where L has the highest effective rate. Also, using the same gene provides extra bonuses marked with a star on them and you can do that until two stars appear on the ability Icon.

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