How to Change a Monstie’s Elemental Type in Monster Hunter Stories 2

If you’ve played through Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, then you’ve probably experimented a fair bit around with Monsties to come up with an ideal composition. We will be showing you how to change a Monstie’s Elemental Type in Monster Hunter Stories 2 so you can take your roster of Monsties up a notch.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monstie Elemental Type

Yes, there is a way in Monster Hunter Stories 2 to change the elemental type of your beast. The method to do so involves using the Rite of Channeling ritual which you unlock after slaying a Basarios.

Once you defeat Basarios, go back to the Elf Elder Maolo who will teach you how to perform the Rite of Channeling ritual. This basically allows you to combine the genes of one monster with another monster.

Using Rite of Channeling, you can give your Monsties new passive abilities and new attacks that it can use to hunt.

How to Perform the Rite of Channeling Ritual in MH Stories 2?

To do so, go to Stable Paw and choose the Rite of Channeling option two times. You will now have to select the Monstie that will receive the skill and the monster from whom you will take the skills. The monster that you take the skills from will disappear afterward.

Considering it’ll disappear, be careful who you’re using for the Rite of Channeling ritual. Do this only with Monsties you can afford to lose.

Bingo Chart Slots

You need to make sure you have free slots available in your Bingo chart to make the transfer work. There are four types of slots in your Bingo chart:

Empty Slots

This is an empty slot with no skill inside it. A new skill can be transferred into this slot.

Locked Slot (Levelled)

This slot is locked and can only be unlocked when your Monstie reaches the level indicated on the slot.

Locked Slot (Non-Levelled)

Inactive slots that require you to use Stimulants to unlock.

Activated Skill Slots

These slots indicate that there is already a skill activated in this slot. Performing a ritual will allow the new skill to replace or upgrade the skill in this slot if both have the same effects.