What’s the Max Level in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin consists of an RPG level-up system that allows players to surge levels in the game and increase strength. You might wonder though, what’s the max level in Monster Hunter Stories 2? This guide will look into the maximum level in Monster Hunter Stories 2 and how to reach the level cap.

What’s the Max Level in Monster Hunter Stories 2

While you’re playing the game, you must increase your stats and HP to deal with several boss fights and other such challenges. Thankfully, unlike other adventure games, the MH Stories 2 level system is relatively easy and attainable.

Similar to Capcom’s original game, MH Stories 2 also has a level 99 cap as the maximum level. Your character and your trainable monsties both have the same limit of levels.

Each time you and your monsties increase the level, both of you will get a boost on your stats and HP. Moving forward in the game, this enhancement will help you hold up longer in boss fights, quests, and other encounters.

Although the MH stories 2 RPG level-up system is easier than the standard adventure games, some hard work is still required to level up.

Leveling Tips in Monster Hunter Stories 2

There are a bunch of ways you can level up in MH stories 2. The first one involves fighting off the enemies. So if you’re a regular player and have polished combat skills, you’ve got this. This is perhaps the best way to level up fast and increase your strength.

If you want to go a little easy on yourself, start doing manual side quests. Doing these quests will help you increase your levels faster and without encountering significant bosses.

If you want to lay back and relax, send your Monsties to expeditions. As mentioned before, Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a somewhat easier leveling system, so make the most of it. Monsties will complete their tasks, and you’ll be automatically rewarded with experience.

Keep in mind, while playing co-op quests, higher-level players will have their level reduced to match the level of the quest. Multiplayer battles will also have the levels adjusted to ensure fair plays.

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