Monster Hunter Stories 2 Little Lost Ones Walkthrough

In this Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Walkthrough, we will be helping you find all of the lost children in the Little Ones Lost quest as well as discover the area and collect all of the chests and collectibles in MH Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Little Lost Ones

One of the missions you’ll have to complete as you progress through the main questline of Monster Hunter Stories 2 will have you looking for 3 children in the Wendwood region.

We’ll help you locate these little troublemakers quickly so you can complete the Little Lost Ones mission in MH Stories 2 effortlessly and go about your monster-slaying business.

Head to the Wendwood

After you start the quest and finish talking to Catavaner, you need to go to the Wendwood region and start looking for the children. Start going towards the objective marker and collect any honey you can find for later use. Navirou will remind you that 3 children need saving.

Explore the Tall Grass

Alvin will suggest that you explore the tall grass around the area as the children might be hiding from nearby monsters. You can explore the nearby monster den if you want to loot all of the chests and monster parts in the area.

You can locate the first child in the middle section of Wendwood. She is hiding near a cliff, in the tall grass. She will tell you that the other two are near a huge tree.

Explore the Huge Tree

The huge tree is in the bottom-left part of the map. You can defeat any monsters in the area if you want and then go and talk to the boy standing under the tree. He will tell you that the last child is near the pond in Wendwood.

Explore the Pond

Head north from your current location, and you’ll eventually reach the pond. Collect the Paint berries scattered around the pond and then find the child towards the right of the pond. After you interact with the last child, a cutscene will trigger, and you’ll have to battle a Duramboros after the cutscene.

Defeat the Duramboros

Duramboros is an herbivore who is weak against Fire and Poison based attacks. This monster has a very thick and durable body, so you’ll have to use fire-based attacks and focus on its breakable body parts to weaken it.

The tail and legs are breakable parts. This monster relies on charge and dash attacks because of its durable skin. It can also twirl in one place and knock you with a tail sweep attack.

Once you deal with the monster, your final task is to lead the children out of the forest and escort them back home. You can fast travel back to the Rutoh Village and go talk to Zellard to finish the quest.

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