How to Defeat Barrel Felyne in Monster Hunter Stories 2

We will be showing you How to Defeat Barrel Felyne in Monster Hunter Stories 2 in the Barrel Break Out Quest to complete the mission

A tricky little quest that will bewilder players in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the Barrel Break Out Quest. So, we have prepared a guide on how to defeat Barrel Felyne in Monster Hunter Stories 2, and finish the quest.

How to Defeat Barrel Felyne in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Barrel Break Out Quest is one of the side quests available for players in MH Stories 2 Wings of Ruin to indulge themselves in the game’s world. These quests can be valuable sources of EXP, money, and items like charms, etc.

A Felyne out in the field has been spotted, and it has a barrel stuck to its head. The Monster Hunter is enlisted to investigate and help if they can.

Once the hunter exits the Felyne shelter, they reenter the Pomore Gardens. From the shelter take the road straight until the first fork, and keep going straight.

Eventually, you get to the part that is below two holes in your map (unreachable areas), head off the road, and make your way between the two holes in the map, the Barrel Felyne is just across the route between them.

Once you find the Felyne with the barrel on its head. Go and interact with it to initiate a fight. There is no avoiding it. You only actually need one item to beat the Barrel Felyne.

Fighting the Barrel Felyne

What hunters need is the Big Barrel Bomb, they can find it in their inventory. Using the explosive will break the barrel, freeing the Felyne. If hunter uses any other attacks, they won’t have any effect, and the barrel won’t break.

Once the Felyne is free, hunters can go back to the shelter to talk to the person they got the quest from. The rewards for the quest will be 3 training charms, EXP and zenny.

The training charms can be used at the Prayer Pot. What this will do is that it increases experience points gained by Monsties during fights for a set amount of time.

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