Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Sapphiron Ore Location And Farming Tips

Keeping your weapons and armor up-to-date will help you complete the main storyline of Monster Hunter Rise and reach the Master Rank. To find the material needed to upgrade your equipment, you must explore specific parts of the Jungle map to come across unique items that will help you boost the lifetime of your weapons.

One such item in Monster Hunter Rise is the Sapphiron Ore which is introduced as a part of the new Sunbreak expansion. The following guide will help you find the Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How To Get Sapphiron Ore In MH Rise: Sunbreak

Sapphiron Ore is a material exclusively used to enhance the abilities of your weapons and armor in MH Rise. Every location has its own Master Rank Material and the same applies for the Jungle map as it consists of the Sapphiron Ore material for you to collect.

Although a majority of the Master Rank materials are hard to find, Sapphiron Ore is probably one of the easiest ones to get. This material will be found in the Mining Outcrops in Jungle.

Exploring the Jungle Map of the Sunbreak expansion will lead you to find white mining outcrops which are the rare ores and blue outcrops which can be mined easily. What makes Sapphiron Ore so special is that it can be mined in abundance through both outcrops.

Below is a Map location with numbers indicating the areas you can visit to find both mine outcrops.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Sapphiron Ore Map

For White Mining Outcrops
If you’ve decided to look for the white outcrops, then the best way to get to them is by visiting the borders of the Jungle map; which are north of Area #2 and straight towards the northern side of Area #8.

Once you’ve reached the location, head to the outcrop of the west-north of Area #8 towards the northeast of Area #7. Now, head a bit towards the northwest of Area #6 and you’ll end up in the middle of the Jungle Map.

For Blue Mining Outcrops
If you’re looking for the blue outcrops, head over to the southeast of Area #10 near the coast of the water and move towards the northern part of Area #8. Finally, reach the gray terrain outlays north of Area #7.


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