How To Start Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC

Sunbreak is the new expansion for Monster Hunter Rise that introduces new regions to explore and new monsters to slay. It also brings a new endgame to the table with deep crafting requirements that will have you grinding the expansion for days to come.

However, there is a certain requirement that you must meet in order to access the new content. Knowing about that requirement is important because you might just purchase Sunbreak without being able to jump in.

The following guide will explain how to start the new Sunbreak expansion in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Access Sunbreak DLC In MH Rise?

“Serpent Goddess of Thunder” is a 7-star Hub Quest that you must complete in Monster Hunter Rise in order to unlock the new content of the Sunbreak expansion.

If you have been playing the game since its release, you are probably through the endgame and have been spending time grinding out crafting materials for further improvements. If you are still unsure, you need to slay the Thunder Serpent Narwa in the base game to access the Sunbreak expansion.

Killing Narwa is part of the main storyline and hence, a mandatory quest of Monster Hunter Rise. She is the final monster battle of the base game and a fairly difficult one at that.

You will need to come prepared with the best equipment and strategy possible to defeat Narwa to complete Monster Hunter Rise and jump into Sunbreak.

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