Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Centuria Ore Location & Farming Tips

Centuria Ore is one of many new crafting materials that have been introduced with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The forging material is necessary to craft some of the new armor and equipment that you might require as you advance in the game.

Finding Centuria Ore is going to be tough in the new expansion. You can try and mine every mining node you come across on the map but that will obviously require a lot of time.

The following guide will hence make that grind easier by highlighting all of the locations from where you can mine Centuria Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

MH Rise: Sunbreak Centuria Ore Locations

The best location to farm Centuria Ore is in the Citadel, one of the new regions of the Sunbreak expansion. You will, however, need to first unlock the Citadel region by defeating Garangolm as part of the main storyline.

The Citadel region has a lot of Master Rank mining outcrops from where you can mine Centuria Ore. These are pretty well hidden and chances are that you might possibly walk past them without even knowing. To better your chances, head up high when searching for Master Rank mining outcrops in the Citadel region.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Centuria Ore Locations

Centuria Ore Farming Tips

You can generally search for Master Rank mining outcrops all over but a more efficient farming route is to stick to the north and the east side of the Citadel region. This path nets more mining outcrops for your time.

It is also recommended to farm Centuria Ore with an expedition. Trying to farm crafting materials and fighting a monster while on a monster hunt is not something that you might want to have on your plate in the game.

The blue mining outcrops (common) will frequently give you Centuria Ore and there are a lot of them here. The white mining outcrops (uncommon) also have a chance to drop the crafting material.

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