Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Buddy Recon Locations Guide

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings out a new feature with its latest update – Fast Travel. Fast Travel here, however, works a little bit differently than most other games.

If you want to fast travel in MHR: Sunrise, you’ll have to locate Recon Points on maps and then assign a buddy to it. Each map has two separate Recon Points at different locations, of which, you can only use one at a time.

Recon Points are unlocked after completing any two Master Ranked Quests. Once you have completed the quests and unlocked the Recon Points, you need to find them inside different maps and assign a buddy to them to unlock Fast Travel to that location.

Beware though, assigning buddies to the Recon Points will bind them to it, meaning that you won’t be able to bring them on Quests.

This isn’t a complete loss though, since the level of the Buddies doesn’t really affect the Recon Points, you can choose any level of the buddies that you want for a particular Recon point.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the locations where you can find the Buddy Recon Points in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Buddy Recon Locations

Frost Island Buddy Recon Points

Point 2

To find this Buddy Recon Point, you’ll need to head over to the northmost point of Area 9, where the high plateau is located. Here, you need to climb up normally using the vines provided at first. Then head over to the wall to your right. This wall is a relatively higher one and non-climbable, so you’ll need to wirebug to the top.

Once you reach the top, start wirebugging up the wall to your left. And continue straight along the path until you reach the back of the plateau or the spire. Wirebug to the top of this wall to reach an area with ledges hanging out of the cliff – with gaps in between.

This is the tricky part now, you need to wirebug across the gap and land on the first platform, then wire across the following gap to reach the second platform. To the right of this platform is a cave opening that contains the Frost Islands Buddy Recon Point 2.

Lava Caverns Buddy Recon Points

Point 2

First off, you need to face Area 12 in the Lava Caverns map to start heading over to the Buddy Recon Point. Then, make your way forward and climb the following heights right in front of you. Just up ahead, not far, is the Buddy Recon Point, located inside a pool of lava.

Citadel Buddy Recon Points

Point 1
This is a fairly simple location. Move over to the cave in Area 2 and start climbing the mountain it’s located inside. Once you’re at the top, you have to move forward along the ridge until you find some ruins. Right next to these ruins is the Buddy Recon Point 1.

Point 2
This Point is located on a mountain just east of Area 8. Approach the mountain from the south and wirebug all the way to the top, then move over to the edge of the mountain on the left and that is where you’ll find Buddy Recon Point 2

Jungle Buddy Recon Points

Point 1
Head over to the Cave and start climbing the natural steps provided right next to it. After climbing up the steps, it’s just a straight climb up the steep slopes of the mountains to reach the top. Once you’re at the top, just to the left you’ll find the Buddy Recon Point 1, inside a hollow tree.

Point 2
This Recon Point is fairly easy to find. It’s just above the ridge that connects Areas 2 and 9. The only thing you have to do is climb shortly to the top and you’ll find Buddy Recon Point 2 there.

How to Use Buddy Recon Points in MHR: Sunbreak

You need to talk to Nagi, the Buddy Agent, inside Elgado Outpost’s Market Area in order to access the Buddy Piazza. Nagi offers you the service of managing your Buddy Agents from the Meowcenaries option.

All you have to do next is to select the Buddy Agent and the respective map that you want to assign it to, and you’ll be free to fast travel.

One thing you need to keep in mind though is that you’ll have to spend 100 Karma points every time you fast travel on a map. So just be careful with those and you should be good!

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