Monster Hunter Rise Palicoes Guide

Palicoes are cat-like companions with different abilities that accompany the hunter during hunts. In this guide, we will learn about Palicoes in Monster Hunter Rise and find out what are the different types of Palicoes in the game and the different tasks they can perform.

Monster Hunter Rise Palicoes

You can utilize Palicoes in many different ways, including sending them for resource gathering expeditions and having them support you during hunts with buff, debuff, and DPS roles.

Before we discuss their roles and the things they can do in detail, let’s take a look at the different types of Palicoes in MH Rise and how to recruit & level them up.

How to Recruit Palicoes in MH Rise

You can recruit a total of 35 different Palicoes in MH Rise by using the Buddy Scout at Buddy Plaza. The Buddy Scout is a great tool for selecting which type of Palicoe you want to recruit and even specify the exact appearance of your furry sidekick.

Note that every time you leave on a hunt, the Palicoes available in the Buddy Scout will refresh and a new set of Palicoes with randomized appearances and abilities will be available.

So, if you don’t like the current roll of Palicoes, simply start and leave a quest to refresh your list.

Palico Support Types

There are 5 different types of Palicoes in MH Rise and each type is good for certain playstyles and activities.

  • Healer: Healer Palicoes provide heals to hunters during exploration and combat.
  • Assist: These Palicoes prepare traps and other contraptions to trap monsters and assist the hunters.
  • Fighter: The fighter Palicoes fight alongside the hunter and provide DPS support.
  • Bombardier: This Palicoe can use different bombs to attack monsters during combat.
  • Gatherer: Gatherer Palicoes can gather different rare items for you as you explore the map during hunts.

Palico Support Moves

Here are all the moves different Palicoes can perform based on their type. It should be noted that the Level 5, 10, and 20 moves are randomly assigned to a Palico of that type so you have to reroll the Buddy Scout until you get the perfect moveset.

Healer Type Palicoes

Herbaceous Healing

Places a healing plant that continuously provides heal to nearby friendlies.

Healing Bubble

The Palico produces bubbles that burst and heal upon contact. The bigger the bubble is, the more healing it’ll provide.

Vase of Vitality

Your Palico places a vase that cures status ailments whenever you step inside its AoE.

Furbidden Acorn

A buddy is healed and becomes temporarily invincible to incoming attacks.

Health Horn

Recovers a large amount of the player and buddy’s health.

Assist Type Palicoes

Felyne Silkbind

The Palico uses a ballista to fire movement-slowing ironsilk at large monsters.

Go, Fight, Win

Your stamina consumption reduces as your furry sidekick dances near you.

Summeown Endemic Life

Places a pouch on the ground that attracts nearby dangerous creatures towards the area.

Shock Purr-ison

The Palico sets up a trap that deals shock damage and prevents large monsters from leaving.

Poison Purr-ison

The Palico sets up a trap that deals poison damage and prevents large monsters from leaving.

Fighter Type Palicoes

Rousing Roar

Empowers hunters and other buddies with a fearsome roar.

Whirlwind Assault

Creates a whirlwind and then rams it into monsters, knocking them back and causing damage.

Power Drum

Provides attack and defense buffs to hunters and buddies by beating a drum.        

Fleet-Foot Feat

The Palico attracts a monster towards itself and then dodges their attack to follow it up with a counterattack.


The Palico becomes angry and its attack power is increased by a considerable amount.

Bombardier Type Palicoes

Felyne Wyvernblast

Fires wyvernblast shells at monsters that explode on impact and deal damage. They are roughly the size of a Palico.

Zap Blast Spinner

The Palico lets loose a bunch of top-shaped bombs that track monsters.

Anti-Monster Mine

A mine that triggers whenever a large monster steps on it. It can also cause them to stagger based on how fast they were moving and the positioning of the mine.   

Flash Bombay

Sets of a flash bomb that explodes and stuns enemies.

Giga Barrel Bombay

Charges at a monster with a Giga Barrel Bomb.

Gathering Type Palicoes

Endemic Life Barrage

Fires endemic life at monsters using a ballista and the damage dealt depends on the creature that was fired.

Mega Boomerang

Hurls a massive boomerang at enemies and the actual size of the boomerang varies based on the weapon type the enemies are using.        


Your Palico becomes invisible for a while, making it impossible for monsters to hit it and track.

Shock Tripper

A lingering electric field attack that causes thunderblight damage to monsters within its effective area.


The Palico launches a boomerang attack that steals materials from monsters.

How to Power Up a Palico in MH Rise

Players can temporarily power up their Palicoes by boosting their stats using an item called Felvine Bulb. This item does not have a quantity but comes with a cooldown timer and allows the Palico to gain the following buffs after each use.

  • Health restoration
  • Increased support action frequency
  • Evasive maneuvers against attacks
  • Stronger attacks

Palico Behavior Settings

You can set up your Palico’s behavior to be exactly how you want and go after specific monster types. Here are the different behavior settings for Palicoes in MH Rise.

  • Large Only: Exclusively targets large monsters
  • Large First: Prioritizes large monsters first.
  • Balanced: Attacks all monsters.
  • Small First: Prioritizes small monsters first.
  • Small Only: exclusively targets small monsters.

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