Monster Hunter Rise Kestodon Husk Locations And Farming Tips

Kestodon Husk is a new crafting material in Monster Hunter Rise that was introduced with the new Sunbreak expansion.

You will need Kestodon Husk to craft armor and equipment like the Orangaten Mail and the Ingot Helm. You can also use the item to craft decorations like a Hard Steadfast Jewel.

The following guide will help farm Kestodon Husks in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where To Find Kestodon Husks In MH Rise?

Kestodon Husks can only be looted from dead Kestodons. You hence need to find and hunt Kestodons for not only their Husks in the Sunbreak expansion but other crafting materials as well.

However, hunting Kestodons early on in the game will net you nothing. For Kestodon Husks, you need to hunt Kestodon after reaching Master Rank.

Kestodons can be found on the Sandy Plains map as rather small creatures that are pretty easy to take down. That being said, you should be watchful of their charging attack.

You have a better chance of finding Kestodons in the middle of the Sandy Plains map, specifically around the water spots. You can have a good look at areas 3, 6, 7, 11, and majorly 5 to find them.

When you kill a Kestodon, there is a 70% chance for the creature to drop Kestodon Husks for you to loot.

Best Way To Farm Kestodon Husks

Keep an eye out for a Kestodon Outbreak. When that happens on the Sandy Plains, consider it an opportunity to farm a ton of Kestodon Husks.

You will find more Kestodons on the map during a Kestodon Outbreak than normal, making it the perfect time to farm the creature.

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