Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Frocium Location and Farming tips

Finding rare items in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak can be tough. This guide will give you all the details about Frocium, including its location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, its uses, and farming tips.

How to Get Frocium in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Frocium is a material you can collect in the Sunbreak DLC of MH Rise. Collecting Frocium from the Mining Outcrops in the Frost Islands is possible. This location has eight Ore nodes from which players can potentially gather Frocium if they choose to do so.

The chances of finding the target Ore during your mining expedition are not 100% guaranteed. Still, there is a method that can assist you in making the most of your chances of getting Frocium during your mining expedition.

This method requires you to use equipment that suits well with a skill known as the Geologist Skill. This method will help you increase your interactions with gathering nodes and, as a result, enables you to gather more Frocium.

Frocium Locations

Following are the locations in which you can find and mine Frocium in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak:

  • Zone 4
  • Zone 3
  • Zone 6
  • Zone 10
  • Zone 9
  • Zone 12

Frocium Uses

Frocium can be used to craft the following items in MHR Sunbreak:

  • Goss Harag Greaves X
  • Barroth Helm X
  • Studded Sash X
  • Ingot Helm X
  • Ingot Coil X
  • Tetranadon Mail X
  • Baggi Mail X
  • Baggi Greaves X
  • Alloy X
  • Alloy X Mail
  • Allow Vambraces X
  • Alloy Coil X
  • Alloy Greaves X

Frocium Farming Tips

Stamina plays a key role while farming Frocium in MHR Sunbreak. Your stamina can help you increase your speed while farming Frocium. It can help you move with efficiency while farming it. Hence, while farming Frocium, you must keep your stamina intact. Maximum stamina will help you farm more frocium.

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