Monster Hunter Generations Crafting Recipes Guide

It goes without saying that Monster Hunter Generations crafting is one of the most important aspects of the game and crucial to the entire gameplay experience.

Since the crafting is huge in the game, I will not delve into extensive details regarding every recipe in the game and will only talk about a handful of them – some of the most important ones.

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Monster Hunter Generations Crafting Guide

As mentioned earlier, our Monster Hunter Generations Crafting Guide details some of the most important recipes in the game which every Monster Hunter Generations player should know about!

Monster Hunter Generations Crafting

Crafting in Monster Hunter Generations essentially allow you to create a range of survivability items such as potions, weapons, traps, drinks, and more. This section provides some of the crafting recipes that you must have in order to be more successful with your encounters.

  • Potion – x1 Herb + x1 Blue Mushroom
  • Mega Potion – x1 Potion + x1 Honey
  • Nutrients – x1 Godbug + x1 Blue Mushroom
  • Mega Nutrients – x1 Nutrients + x1 Honey
  • Antidote – x1 Blue Mushroom + x1 Antidote Herb
  • Energy Drink – x1 Nitroshroom + x1 Honey
  • Hot Drink – x1 Hot Pepper + x1 Bitterbug
  • Cool Drink – x1 Ice Crystal + x1 Bitterbug
  • Pitfall Trap – x1 Trap Tool + x1 Net
  • Shock Trap – x1 Trap Tool + x1 Thunderbug
  • Mega Pickaxe – x1 Mystery Bone + x1 Machalite Ore
  • Mega Bug Net – x1 Ivy + x1 Monster Bone M

This is all we have on Monster Hunter Generations Crafting Recipes Guide. If there are some crucial recipes that we missed, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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