Monster Hunter Devs Can’t Speak For Nintendo Switch Pro News

A brand new Monster Hunter game is going to be releasing next year, but its developers have no idea of if a Nintendo Switch Pro, which many outlets have claimed will be coming soon, is actually going to be coming out. They’re just trying to make the game work.

Monster Hunter Rise was only announced a few weeks ago, but has already gotten many fans of the series excited since the Fatalis update for Monster Hunter World ended the game’s content roadmap. Rise promises not only a new setting, but new monsters to hunt and new ways to get around in the form of the wolflike Palamutes.

The news of a new Nintendo Switch variant isn’t that out of place; Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch Lite last year as a completely portable Switch that didn’t come with a dock. Whatever the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro actually is (if it even exists), it may be a similar deal to the Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro.

Both of those consoles were also updated versions of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, being more powerful and capable of running at 4K resolution. While the Nintendo Switch is nowhere near as powerful, an updated version with new hardware could provide a boost to somewhat help keep up with Microsoft and Playstation.

The Monster Hunter team is focusing right now on making the game work with whatever version of a Switch that you have. Whether that means the original Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite, or even the Nintendo Switch Pro (if that’s coming at all), hopefully the game will cover all three.

Following up on such a smash hit like Monster Hunter World will probably be a tough job, but with all of the new things that we saw just in the game’s reveal trailer, hopefully the team is up to the challenge. Monster Hunter Rise will be releasing on March 26, 2021, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.