Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Earth Crystals Farming Guide

Earth Crystals in Monster Hunter 4 are extremely important, as they are used as weapon abrasives. You’ll eventually come to a point where you’ll be looking around for Earth Crystals, and no matter how many you have, they won’t seem to be enough.

Fear not though, fellow Hunters, for there are fairly easy ways to acquire plenty of Earth Crystals in a short time. All you need to do for that, is read everything that is written below:

How to Farm Earth Crystals
In order to farm some Earth Crystals, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation before you can head to the Underground Cave, which will be the location for the farming. When you do go, make sure you take along both of your cats. This is very important if you want to maximize the amount of Earth Crystals you gather.

The next thing you’ll need is to create a Gathering Set for yourself. Why is that? Well, because you’ll need three very important stats, which are Gather Master (Gathering +3), Divine Whim, and Speed Gathering. These will greatly increase your farming speed and efficiency.

In order to create this Gathering Set, you’ll need a 3-slotted weapon with three Blessing Jewels, a Leather S Mail chest armor with one Blessing Jewel, three Gathering Jewels in your Charm, and the remain equipment to have Torso Ups.

This will guarantee you all the above required stats for some speed farming. For the journey itself, take a few good quality Pickaxes and a Farcaster.

The route itself consists of random and fixed crystals that can be mind. Some of them are fairly intuitive, but as you go into the deeper areas of the map, you’ll need to be a bit wiser, especially with the several monsters trying to pounce on you.

In the 8th area of this place, there are two fixed mining points either side, as soon as you come to the place. Ignore the one on the right hand side, and head for the one on the sharp incline on the left hand side.

Also, there are two fixed crystal locations when you land in the 9th area, but the sheer amount of enemies makes it nearly impossible to go to the one on the right, unless you want to get overrun and killed.

For this reason, immediately go to the left, mine the crystal, then move forward and mine the second crystal, and then use the Farcaster to get the hell out of there.

The route itself will take about 3 minutes in total, so if you give yourself an hour for Earth Crystal farming, you can gather about 50 to 100 of them after around 15 or so runs. That’s a hell lot of crystals for such a short time!

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